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Happy Birthday

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. Happy Birthday Elvis Presley.!!!!!

    The King would be 67 today if he was still alive.

    We still miss you.

    (critter please add me a nice smilie with ballons and candles please)................[​IMG]
  2. what a cool guy. i want a fried peanut butter and bannana sandwich

  3. He never had his 'nanner and peanut butter sandiwch fried. Just smear the PB on and cut up the 'nanner.
  4. He is still alive my friend.. He lives in a neighbors house down the road..

    Would you have plastic surgery to look like Elvis? This guy spent 60,000 dollars on it.

    Long live the king! May he rest in peace.. He never had any when he was alive!
  5. my aunt's dad played piano for elvis
  6. suuuurrreee........

    JK thats cool fool
  7. My fuck-up, he would have been 68 yesterday.
  8. I was going to hound you about his B-Day if you hadn't changed it by this evening..

  9. Gimme a break, I only got eleven fingers and eight toes, so it gets hard to count up to 68.

  10. It gets worse as you get older and forget that you have eleven fingers andeight toes! LMAO
  11. If it weren't for old Elvis I'd a been a Dr.! I quit studying and started listening to Rock-a-Billy on my tiny turquoise transister radio...Elvis,Little Richard, Fats & Chubby...
    I raise my non-alcoholic drink to you, with my non-nicotine stanied hand, attached to my "no tracks anywhere" body, while NOT knocking down all the non existing pill bottles. Your death is not in vain! You'll always be Da King!
    Da"Honestly Just Herb"Captn


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