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Happy Birthday, TokinBlue!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Happy Birthday, TokinBlue!!!


    :D I hope you have a great birthday, dude!
  2. RMJL, you're just a well-wishing birthday machine this week aren't you?

    I like it! :p
  3. Happy Birthday, if you wanna get drunk, and stoned shitless... come over. haha.

    Peace dude, well chill tonight. should have some dank, well smoke a huge blunt.
  4. Happy birthday bro. This bowl I'm sparking up is for you.
  5. thanks everyone :smoke:

    assuming you aren't sick still bliz, i'd be glad to take you up on that :D
  6. Happy Birthday TB!:hello:
  7. Blah, I hate you guys, living so close together =P. We still gotta go skiing or some shit bliz hahaha. We're so close. I'm hella close to Rasta too

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOKIN! It's my main homie's birthday today, too. All of my bowls this evening are out to you. I just picked up a half :hello:

  8. Happy birthday blue! I can't even count the times I have gotten the flu from smoking after people, but didn't notice any flu-like symtoms from them. Getting sick sucks! Get well soon Bliz!
  9. lmfao he's always sick and the dead hooker in his fridge agrees :D

    happy birthday dude (whats the year 'n a day for ya? 23? 24?)
  10. Happy Birthday Tokin, Have a great day!!!!!!!:bongin::hippie:

    And thanks for all your hard work to keep this place running smooth.:cool:
  11. Tokin, thats gotta be a good feelin man.

    You all have a wonderful weekend, its not only Tokins bday, tis my GF's as well :)

    SOOOOO you down to get smashobliterafuckedtheshitup? cuz i am.

    and, you better get your ass to my apartment, i aint gonna be home home at all.
  12. Happy birthday Tokin! :hello: Enjoy that huge blunt, Blizzy can roll with the best of them!

    Tell your girl I said happy birthday too Blizzy! :D
  13. Yeah Tokin! Happy birthday bud
  14. Happy birthday bro =]
  15. thanks again everyone :hello: :smoke:
  16. Happy birthday, dear. I'm sorry I missed this thread yesterday. :p :hello:
  17. happy birthday mate :]

    live long and prosper..
  18. happy birthday man . hope you get some great dank and good presents (possible boxes of joints or glass w/e you prefer) and i hope you get so high you cant remeber anything.... :)
  19. wow its still your birthday.

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