Happy Birthday Junkiedays!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Deleted member 95373, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. I probably shouldn't be the one to post this since I don't really know JunkieDays all that well but still, happy b-day to her. The thing that will probably make me remember her are those random videos of her on the playground with her friend doing all the dumb ass shit that me and my friends do. Happy 21st JD enjoy your birthday
  2. Yea, fuck that modest shit, Mike. =)

    Happy birthday, girl!
  3. happy birthday!! dont drink too much! remember its poison
  4. happy birthday u beezy
  5. dont know her to well but happy bday JunkieDays!
    drink, smoke, party ya ass off!
  6. i already posted on your profile but....oh well..
    happy birthday girl!!!:wave:


    have a great geat birthday!!
  7. Thanks guys!!! :D:eek::D

    I will be getting fuckered up today, indeed. Bong rips all around! :bongin:

  8. Dude. Isn't it like 3:41 a.m. in Oregon right now, JD?

    You're hardcore. Happy birthdayyyyy. Whoooo. :bongin:
  9. Happy Birthday J days!

  10. Actually it's 5:19 am now. lol

    Haven't picked the husband up from work yet. Took a little nap though. Gotta get well rested for the weekend. :smoking:

    Thanks again, everyone! :hello:
  11. Happy birthday, JD :wave:
  12. your 21 birthday, i hope by the time you read this post you aren't sober enough to read this post, in which case i'm wasting my time writing it.
  13. Happy B-day!!! Go Get FUBARD!!!!
  14. haha happy bday!!!!!:hello::hello::hello:
  15. happy birthday chica:)
  16. have a good one:smoking:
  17. happy birthday junkiedays! :hello::hello:
  18. It's currently 8:35 am on the morning of my birthday.

    And I'm a little tipsy.

    Hello world. :smoking:
  19. yay drinking and drunkeness
  20. lol. been there done that.

    its 10:45am and im about to light up....:smoking:

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