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happy birthday daisy

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. make a wish....
    (if its not yur day babes i know its someones :)
  2. Happy Birthday Daisy...if it's your birthday. You guys have been making up birthdays this week. Bud Head had one and his real one isn't until May.

    Well, if it is your birthday, pretend you hear the Birthday Song slightly out of tune and VERY loud!!!!!!

    HIGHAAAAAAAAAA, where'd that dog go? I looked for that dog last night and he was gone!!!
  3. ya'll just wanna make fun of

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  4. i swore someone said jan 30th was their b-day so if it aint daiseyduked then.....well were all retarded hehe

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    He hates that hat!:)

    I love it!!! He reminds me of my dog!!!!! When I saw that pic yesterday, I went nuts cause he's such a cutie!
  6. im done now....just look at those kissy lips *smooch*

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  7. #7 RMJL, Jan 30, 2003
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 20, 2010
    Let me interrupt the Happy Birthday thread for whoever's having a birthday to put my baby in for a little while!!!

    (pic removed)
  8. It's the doggy thread now!!!!
  9. He hates that hat!:)

    your right but he hates this one even more

    I love it!!! He reminds me of my dog!!!!!

    i think i saw a pic of yur pooch once and thought so sweeties...
    yea he totally guards his portion of the bed all day long lil freak dont get up till bout 7 pm....

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  10. awesome awesome pooch....last ime i saw him he was 'ignoring' some chocolates on someones coffee table.( i think) id smooch him ina minute.
  11. LMAO! He's so cute in that camo hat!

    I love dogs. Your baby is getting high now. Critter influenced him!!!!!!
  12. Damn have a kick ass memory. It was Reeses!!!!!
  13. thankya....not bad for a stoner eh? i almost said peanut butter cups

    critter what have ya done to my baby????
    i still luvs ya ;)
  14. cute dogs! :D

    happy birthday to whoever has a birthday today, lol.

    ::does happy birthday dance::
  15. hes my dong....awwwww isent he stoned, lol

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  16. Awwwww, CUTE! He looks stoned, not lazy!!!!!
  17. ur right, i fixed it(cuz he was in the pic)
  18. aaww thnx guys! but my bithday isn't till feb.19. lol. but much appreciated! cute dogs!!!! i have a 10mnth old german shephard/rottie cross. and she is just adorable. i thought it was your bday yesterday highawatha...hahaha.
  19. lol, I was gonna come say happy birthday! but since it is no ones, Ill post my reindeer puppy :) she hates things on her head, and the holidays cause we put all the ribbons, bows and wrapping paper all over her. shes a good sport :)

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  20. OK,ok this was all my mistake...ill claim the title queen Tard for the day....but i know some blade said hey its my b-day on jan fess up!! i wont hold a grudge i promise :D
    anyhow i like the pet thread instead.

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