Happy Birthday Bob Marley

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by LimpinandPimpin, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. People criticize Marley without ever paying attention to what the man was trying to achieve. Peace, Unity, and Happiness. He was, is, and always will be a Legend. It is crazy that 23 years after he died he is still the heart and soul of Jamaica. No other man, outside religion, has had the type grasp on a country let alone the world like Bob Marley. Its a damn shame that a person that gifted and caring for people had to die at such a young age. Makes me really wonder why do the good die so young? RIP Bob Marley....You are an inspiration to the world and you will live forever through your message and song. .
  2. When was he criticized?
  3. in his honor, im going to a festival for him. Good man. fisrt time i ever listened to "war" i was totally blown away by the sincirity of his beliefs.

  4. You know nothing of his life apparently. He was constantly criticized for his beliefs and his extra-marital affairs. Security was tight around Marley all over the world, due to the threats he recieved. His friends tried to keep him from coming to New York for fear of something going to happen to him.

    Bob Marley was a true LEGEND, he was not just about the music, he was about the people.

  5. lighten up man, that's why I asked...
  6. bob marley is probably smokin a fat 1 right now....
    what age did he die?...maybe smokin so much of tha ganj had sumtun to do wit that, lol
  7. He died in his 30's i think?

    Well i'm celebrating his birthday, i'm high :)
  8. He died when he was 36, of a cancerous brain tumor
  9. actually he died because he had an unbandaged football wound on his foot that got infected and cancerous and the cancer did spread to his brain and he died. so yea you are right he did die of a brain tumor. :-( we love you bob!
  10. Damn...someone once told me that he died of drugs when I was young. What a bunch of bullshit... Anyway, my mom is from Jamaica and we visited there a couple times. Couldn't agree more with LimpinandPimpin, worshipped like Jesus over there.
  11. yeah limpinandpimpin you should lighten up, the guy just asked a sincere question..no need to get upset. I heard that Bob Marley didnt know it was cancer under his nail, he thought it was dirt or something and when he died it ended up being too late. I believe those years spent on this earth were so well utilized, so i feel no need to be sad about his death. He did more than what many of us are ever going to do in our entire lifetimes combines. I feel like its time to celebrate instead of feel sadness.

    Also check out www.eastvillageradio.com
    theyre currently playing a good bob marley b-day mix live.

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