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Happy April Fool's Day!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by RMJL, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. Did you guys get anyone today? I did and I had lots of fun with everybody I got!!!! :::::very evil grin:::::
  2. lol! not i, my little guy and i spent the day at my grandmas for a coffee. oooohhh excitment....my good deed of the day.
  3. AW, I forgot about April Fools Day...been in the yard working all day, might as well had been on another planet today! LOL...I love Spring!!!!!!!
  4. lol.. I got a few peeps :p
  5. I can just see that evil smile!

    I didn't even think about it. lol
  6. Yeah, I got a good friend of mine really good. Maybe I'll get someone else before the day is over........
  7. Nope, the only person I saw do it to someone is my teacher....:smoke::D:smoking:
  8. Ohhhh yeah, i sure did. I told my gf that i wanted to break up and she took it seriously and started crying and when i said APRIL FOOLSSS! she started crying more....gosh....girls now a days...
  9. lol, i was gonna, but then decided it'd be too mean... then i just sorta forgot as the day went on.
  10. Today is april 1st?:confused:
  11. I invited this girl I know over to my place to eat or I could pick up some food and come over...she took a while to respond and then she said "sorry, can't..I've got sorority stuff to do." In order not to lose any face I responded with "April Fools!"

    Then I got called a dork.
  12. I totally forgot about April Fool's day! Oh well... I guess I'll have to wait until next year to try some dirty tricks on people.
  13. Hehehe.. I got 2 people yesterday... 1 was my brother. i sent him a fake news article that said something about marijuana legalisation.. that was kinda cruel... but funny as hell..
    and i told a friend of mine that someone hit my car again... hehehe... it was a fun day
  14. I hollowed out a bar of soap and filled it with ketchup....nobody used it tho :(

    Last year I put tape on the faucet hose on our sink so whoever turned on the faucet got sprayed with water...that was hilarious :D
  15. I have no plans, maybe ill just set everyone's alarm clocks a few hours foward. Where I live they usually put vaseline or grease on the doorknobs to fuck with yah.

    Tricky tricky
  16. um... where i live its march 31st:confused:
  17. lol this thread is from 2 years ago. I was confused at first too.
  18. well that means someone did a search to bring it up.....im guessing it was ICK...........but tomorrows april fools.........no plans except a big ass party at night..........and yeah happy early april fools....... :hippie: .......
  19. Yah, so im an early bird & prankin is on my mind. Besides I think to keep you stoners guessin. ;)
  20. im not a religious person but think the plagues is on it way espically flies :D

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