HAPPY 4 of july

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bryan oconner, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. keep it green and safe .
    remember to share your smoke with friends and family have a great time ,
    get the bbq going and stay hydrated with massive amounts of liquor . prefer cold beer on ice
    do not for get to share with pets they like being high as well lol FF.jpg

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  2. Straight up white glove grow .
    Happy 4th to you too !
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  3. Party likes it's 1776.
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  4. EE3985FA-A245-4B2C-A331-D2AFCAF852DA.jpeg 7DB6E907-37FC-40AD-AA95-5879FAE35857.jpeg I love those pods. I want one in the backyard!

    Party on America
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  5. ?? What are you talking about francine? Only one being snotty is you. I was just giving factual information.

    Yes I did edit it. I didnt save both links on my notepad so had to go back to get the other. Nothing wrong with that
  6. I also never said that the OP said it was his. So get your facts straight and chill out. The ops a good dude
  7. You’re a troll, flat out
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  8. I'm the troll?? Lol your the one looking to start problems for no reason. Have a good day crazy. Time for another ignore button push
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  9. By the way @killset
    I’m not in the least bit impressed or annoyed or put off by your internet presence.
    I’m sure you don’t care, but in reality I think you’re here because you need to puff up and try to be validated.
    No matter, HAPPY 4th and have a great day, stay safe and party on!
  10. Finally!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Happy 4th of July everyone. Time to light off some big boomers, have a few beverages and get high. I love this holiday.
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  12. Lol wow. Crazy isn't even close. I'm not sure they have a word for you and your fictional world
    Have a good 4th troll.
  13. did i post it was my grow ? do i know the person ? can a picture you post on line be shared by a lot of people ? can i know big growers that own these ? does it matter ? chill the fuck out ! if you want ill edit my post and take these pics down will that make you happy ?
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  14. Bro this is a huge misunderstanding. I know you weren't claiming them to be yours. I never said you did. Molly was wrong and blew it out of proportion for no reason. Apparently she likes following me around. I was just clarifying it to the other guy. I'm chill is fk. For some reason molly got all bent out of shape. Like I said you're a good dude.
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