Hanukkah Bowl

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  1. a term that i've thrown around for a while is "Hanukkah bowl" this weekend i heard 4 goyum use the term. I have no problem with that but how many people on here know/use the term?
  2. What does that mean? Do Jews say it when they smoke or something?
  3. is it a bowl u get for Hanukkah er something?
  4. Maybe its a bowl packed with a very small amount of weed.

  5. my dads side of the family is jewish

    i have yet to hear of a hanukkah bowl...

    however, id be totally down for one

  6. Oy! Hit this this

  7. Zing!
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    a "hanukkah bowl" is a bowl that cherries for longer than expected. Like the hanukkah oil, it just kept burning.
  9. I was thinking like a pipe with eight bowls like a manora.
  10. I wish...
  11. that sounds amazing.. each bowl with a different type of weed. some day im trying that.

  12. Hahahaha! :hello:
  13. I am some making that by myslef an old looking wooden pipe with 8 bowls at the end
  14. hehe

    gotta love ethnic stereotypes
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    No offense neg, but I didn't even know what 'goyim' was until you posted that.
  16. my apologies for goyim, i've always used it to describe non-jews and a fun way to use some yiddish. I shall try to watch myself in the future.
  17. what kinda bullshit is that??? neg got banned for pointing out that what the OP said was the same as him using a racist word against the jews? its not like he called him the k word, he was just pointing out that all racist words should not be allowed here.

    its not like he got pissed about it either, he just calmly stated that if whites cant call the other races racial slurs, t hen other races shouldnt be able to do it either.. the racism policy here is fuckin backwards, it really does have a double standard like neg said, and on top of that the word goyim is still there
  18. Hahaha that was great.
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    I even +repped neg for being calm about it and discussing the double-standard calmly (through admitting his racism nonetheless)...

    However, goyim to non-jews is MUCH LESS offensive than "*#$!" is to jews.

    Goy (Hebrew: גוי, regular plural goyim גויים in Western languages) is a transliterated Hebrew word which translates as "nation" or "people". Historically and up to modern times it is a synonym for Gentile or non-Jew.

    In the Torah/Hebrew Bible, goy and its variants appear over 550 times in reference to Israelites and to Gentile nations. The first recorded usage of goy occurs in Genesis 10:5 and applies innocuously to non-Israelite nations. The first mention in relation to the Israelites comes in Genesis 12:2, when God promises Abraham that his descendants will form a goy gadol ("great nation"). While the earlier books of the Hebrew Bible often use goy to describe the Israelites, the later ones tend to apply the term to other nations.

    This is MUCH different than the aforementioned deragotory term for Jews.

    I'm definitely going to start using this term.
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    people act like racist words are only racist when they come out of the mouth of a white man

    a racial slur is a racial slur, regardless of how much offense any race takes to it, n i'm pretty sure thats the point neg was making since he catches shit even though he doesnt use racial slurs.. sure he doesnt like all the AIPAC's in washington and how alot of the corrupt politicians/media personell just happen to be jewish, but i mean he's respectful in the ways he talks about it, he never tries to act like all jews are corrupt and greedy, he's even explained that he has no problem with anyone for the sole fact that there jewish, he just hates the jewish members of government for reasons you would hate any race if they did the same shit in gov't. its just the fact that they are in fact jewish and they get isreal trillions of dollars (tax payer money that should be for america, another reason he feels so strongly about it) that everyone labels him an anti-semite.. to neg he's not an anti-semite, for the simple fact that he doesnt hate ALL jewish people by any means, cuz that is just ignorant. if those politicians were white he'd hate them just as much, its their actions that count, and it seems to him like more than a coincidence that all of members of the multiple AIPAC's are jewish and hold dual citizenship of both isreal and the US. pick a side ya know. also theres ireali's who come to washington and manipulate the president and congress to get what they want, and manipulate the entire US government and no one in gov't speaks out about it because if they do, they wont be re-elected since a shitload of campaign money comes from jewish owned companies.

    but i'm done explaining neg (i live 8 houses down from him so i know all of his views and agree with most of them), thats not what this is about, its about racist terms being racist terms, regardless of the offensiveness of it

    thats like saying calling a girl a bitch isnt bad but calling her a cunt is.. their both derogatory, and should be treated as such

    the OP even said sorry, he's just used to using the word for non-jews, so he knows what the term means... and white people really hardly ever take any racial remarks towards them offensively, but the way neg pointed it it out wasnt in an offensive way either, just a comparison

    i mean his ban is only for a couple days so its not like the free neg shit or nothin haha, i just wanted to point out my disagreeance

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