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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by intensive, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. You don't test distilled water with a pH meter because it contains very few ions and it will quickly wear out your probe... Just google "test pH of pure water". I've never seen someone so stubborn. It's a fact. At this point, I really don't give a shit what he does with his probe. I was just trying to help and he gives me attitude. Maybe he can tell us what the pH of his ass is, cause he can shove his pH meter...

  2. number 1 right off the bat loki is right this guy is an idiot hes growing aplan in alkaline soil which from what i have read is not good and you need a lower ph (closer to 1) about the meeter what loki is saying makes sense to me. and btw back to distilled water i quote "Distilled water should ideally be nothing but hydrogen and oxygen molecules, with a PH level of 7 and no additional gases" so anything else thats not 7 or has the right mixture of hydrogen to oxygen is not distilled its just water.

  3. This reply made me glad I hadn't unsubscribed yet. What grade are you in? pH of 1 is very, very acidic.

    Have you ever taken a chemistry class? Just because something is 'just hydrogen and oxygen' molecules doesn't mean it's distilled water. Could be detrium, if you were talking about a compound, or it could just be a mixture of the two gases. Also, the right 'mixture' of hydrogen to oxygen should actually just be a 'compound' of H2O, with no other ions.

    Can we just admit this thread is dead and quit trying to come up with additional information on water?
  4. lol You all seriously get angry and heated over stuff on these threads. Your supposed to be potheads.
  5. You can test distilled water with a ph meter. The directions for my ph meter said to rinse it in distilled water before every test. So that ends that debate. You just cannot store the meter in distilled or ro water for the reasons loki mentioned.

  6. whoa... conflicting information... I think another person should chime in... and be angry
  7. Rinsing is not the same as testing or storing... But go ahead, test away... After you replace a few probes, maybe you'll listen...

  8. I said the instructions said not to store it. Read first please.
    Rinsing it repeatedly in distilled water is equivalent to testing distilled water. That's a fact. Please only speak facts. No where in the instructions did it state not to test distilled water.
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    Do you know how your probe works? Do you know what happens when your probe is in a low ion solution? Testing the pH of distilled water is as bad as storing it in distill water.

    Maybe they don't tell you not to test distilled water, because if it is distilled water, it has a pH of 7, so there is no need. But like I said before... test away, after a few probes, you'll be back on here pretending you figured it out on your own...

    From http://www.4oakton.com/TechTips/OAK_TT14.pdf

    Solutions which cannot be measured with General Purpose Electrodes:
    1. Heavy Metals
    2. Proteins
    3. Organics
    4. Low Ion Solutions (DI water)
    5. High Sodium
    6. Sulfides
    7. Tris Buffers

  10. Distilled water is not the same as di water.
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