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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by intensive, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. well, let me start off by sayin this is my first meter for measuring ph that I have used. before i have used drops and a analog meter that measured very inaccurately.

    now my ph meter that is brand new from a hydro store, is telling me that my ph of the distilled water that I buy by the gallon is slowling dropping from 8.4 to 6 over a period of about 5 mins, especially if i jiggle the ph meter. I have set the ph with the GH 4.01 and 7 ph solutions, more then once in a week. somtimes its off by only .1 or so. Its a hanna phep+ that has the temp. auto feature or w/e....i dunno im stoned and full, its hard to type and focus lol

    has anybody had any trouble with their hannah ph meter phep+ (the red one for 50$ish)?

    i guess thats like the summary sentence lol^
  2. You never put a pH meter in distilled or RO water... You've just wrecked your probe... sorry...

  3. so uh....how would you be able to ever check your ph then?

    since thats the point right, to check your distilled r/o water mixture before accidently ph lockout plants happen

  4. Why?

    I haven't had any trouble with my meter... just my plants' pH.
  5. huh - been measuring the pH of RO water for about 20 years and have never burned a meter that way.

    I would guess that your Hanna is not temperature compensated and so the pH will drift with temp and time.

    Assuming that you are storing you pH probe in the correct storage solution.
  6. i rinse the end of the meter with clean tap water normally and shake it dry lightly, then put the cap on and it gets used at least once a day for quite a while.

    I asked at the hydro shop, they said that should be fine for it??

  7. You can rinse it with any water, but there is a reference fluid inside the probe and this is allowed to escape through a ceramic junction. Placing your probe in RO, or low ion content fluid, accelerates the depletion of the reference fluid. Makes it slow to respond and quirky... If it takes longer than 1 minute to go from pH 10 down to pH 4 (the normal calibration fluid values), your probe is shot...

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    LOL... I hope you weren't keeping your probe in there for more than 5 minutes!

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    You check your pH after adding nutes... not before... Pure water will always have a pH of 7, there's no need to messure it. I think PPM meters work the same way, and reading low ion solutions is bad for them too... but don't quote me on that one...

  10. so when you flush with distilled or ro water to fix the ph, you have to measure the ph, then adjust it,then measure it again.

    the meter is in water plain distilled water alot, i dunno, im goin to go trade it out for another and see if its any better, the meter was doing it since i got it
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    You measure the run off, but not the distill water itself.

    See this pdf... http://www.4oakton.com/TechTips/OAK_TT35.pdf


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  12. just got back from the hydro store.

    the meter was def. eff'd up. they gladly swapped it out for another and calibrated it for me. i just checked the ph of the tap and it read about 8.4 (seems right) and the ph of the distilled water of 8.1( probably right)

    and you sir are spreading misinformation, you can definately dip a ph pen into distilled water whenever you want, the guy at the store has been doing it for years just like the previous post'er.
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    And you don't bother reading do you? You think your distilled water is pH 8.1 huh? Goddamn you're stupid...

    Well, go ahead and put your new probe in distilled water and see how long it lasts... Go ahead, turn it on and let it sit in that distilled water over night... if it's not a big deal, your probe will be fine in the morning... right??? I don't know why I bother to help retards like you... If you bothered to do more research than "ask the hydro guy", you'd see I was correct... It's you and that other poster who are spreading mis-information...


    Name calling is against the rules here and completely unnecessary. Mat369
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    well, after many people told me the same thing, which seemd right, and you told me a random thing that i have never heard of. i guess im the retard for taking the opinions of the many, over the few.

    my meter has worked great all day

    if it doesnt work tomorrow, i will know you were right, but until then ill be a fucking retard, thanks

    *edit* o and your link didnt work asshole :lol:
  15. /sigh... Yes, today, you are just a retard... tomorrow, you'll be a retard with another eff'ed up probe. You're a slow learner... If you do end up growing some buds, it will be thru sheer dumb luck...

    And not only did I give you the link, but I attached the pdf itself... if you can't handle either of those, you should probably close your browser and step away from the computer...

  16. still going strong with my retarded self and my normal ph meter.....still adjusting my distilled with organic ph up/down solution to.

    its ok my dick is bigger then yours:hello:
  17. And your distilled water is still pH 8.1? :rolleyes:

  18. the quality of distilled water varies alot, the crappy cheap local grocery store brand is at a higher ph then the name brand distilled water that norm. reads at or around 7, when i measure bottled water, it normally is closer to a neutral ph of seven (nestle brand)

    distilled water can pick up many things it comes into contact with, im sure somewhere down the line the plastic its in, or the medium it traveled through, caused the ph to become more alkaline
  19. Correct me if I'm wrong but.....,,

    all I use is Distilled water. That wad exactly what I was told to get

    the directions of the ph pen clearly say to not store the ph tester in distilled bit what's wrong with testing the distilled water with my pen???? I would assume there would be tons of stickies about this

    the guy had a real problem. His pen was replaced. And maybe I'm the last person who should say this but bro...,, you have to let this go
  20. Do you know what "distilled" means? Distilled water is all going to be the same. I don't know where you come up with this crap...

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