Hangover Food?

Discussion in 'General' started by Stickytrees, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. So the morning after you've been blazing or getting drunk. What food sorts you out ?

    For me, it's a bacon sandwich with HP sauce.
  2. Grapes and Strawberries all the way, stoned or hungover.... any fruit for that matter hahah.
  3. Cherries all day everyday
  4. Tbh all I need when I'm hungover is a bowl or 2. Mary Jane cures all for me.
  5. hungover. A big greasy meal and a fuck ton of water and ill be good.

    If i smoked the night before i don't need anything because i wake up feeling fine.
  6. breakfast food, bacon sausage eggs waffles biscuits and all that good shit.
  7. Jack n the box breakfast menu you can get lovely sandwhiches and add whatever like bacon, eggs, sausage, cheese, ham... mmm :smoke:
  8. grease is good for getting rid of a hangover at a molecular level
  9. fruits, vegetables, juice, water, whole grains.
  10. A joint for starters...

    Orange Juice, watermelon, wheat bread... Smoothie, vitamins
  11. i get in the shower, turn the water on really hot for a little bit. then really cold. i alternate a few times.

    my nausea goes away when weed doesnt help
  12. fast food and weed
  13. Not drinking tends to work best for me.
  14. Anything thats convient.. Like my ass is gonna drive to dennys after a night of booz
  15. iced coffee and water.. Monster rehab works sometimes. If I'm hungover its rare and I can't eat.
  16. soup -- noodles -- noodles in soup

    korean galbi tang
    egg drop soup
    miso soup

    if i can't have soup then i just smoke a fatty and eat a greasy burger. vortex ftw
  17. Forget the food.....just drink some more to catch a buzz or smoke a bowl....

    But I agree with the soupy foods.....Menudo..pho..noodles..pozole....mmmmm
  18. Theres no hangover from blazing
  19. Pattie melt

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