Hangover + Acid??

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Gem_in_i, Sep 26, 2009.

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    So i've been waiting this entire week for tonight. I got two tabs yesterday and plan on taking them tonight. Only problem is, after i got 'em last night, i got shitfaced..

    I have a terrible hangover but it's been gettin better all day.. should i still drop tonight or hold off??

    oh and it'll be my first time doing acid
  2. my hangovers are usualy gone by nightimte, dont know about you though. wait it out smoke some weed and hopefully you'll feel alright.
  3. Alright cool, i'll do that. Wish me luck if i end up doin it tonight :wave:

    One time I ate shrooms when i was hungover and it was quite possibly the worst day of my life.

    2 weeks ago i dropped acid on a hangover. It wasn't quite as a bad as the day on shrooms, but it really fucked my trip up.

    You'll enjoy it alot more when you're feeling like shit.

    I'd just wait till later in the day when you're not hungover
  5. yeah just do them when you want to man. if your in the mood ittle go fine...you know?
  6. wait an hour and see how you feel; repeat as many times as necessary till you feel you're good to trip, good vibes

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