Hanging tomato basketes... For marijuana??

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by illuminate, May 17, 2010.

  1. My concern is that some water might drip down, increasing the odds of bud rot. The other issue is the relatively small area for roots. You'd have to water a lot if it's hot in your area, or set up a drip system on a timer to do it for you.
  2. Lights on the floor + water over top = not a good idea
  3. You don't need lights if you're able to grow outside.
  4. tomatoes are really more of a vine than a bush/tree like marijuana. the vines of a tomato plant arent strong enough to decide what direction to grow i mean in a garden you have to set up thos little metal cage things...i think thats how the tomato plant can pull it off, it doesnt have a choice. marijunana on the other hand, i believe would still grow upwards toward the sun. i think first the leaves would flip over then the branches would start growing that way. so you'd end up with a plant trying to grow back up towards the little root basket thing. just looks like it wouldnt work to me
  5. My uncles had one of those and the tomato broke off under the weight of its fruit. Not a very good design.
  6. I grew cherry tomatoes and bell peppers in those things last season. I thought about growing ganja but like muddytires said I think it would grow back up to the sun.
  7. I can't see a pot plant growing buds that are heavy enough to force the stems to hang down. Tomaotes are heavy. That's why it works.
  8. Well I aint no expert on growing shit, but i plan to learn. But anyways a friend down the road is trying that upside down tomatoe thing. And everyone who said it would flip up and grow is exactly right, but it seems to be doing good like that as of now. He hangs it up on the back porch and waters it as needed. He has a few in pots and the hanger has surpassed them all. I will Post back with how it turns out and maybe see about a pic.
  9. i have one of these, and i use it for tomatos. but for kicks i put a seedling in one hole. the tomatos are like a jungle, but the pot plant just stretches a little, and hasnt passed its third leaf set 4 or 5 weeks in.
  10. I have one that works good for tomato's, but the water runs down the plant and would probably cause probs for MJ:smoke:
  11. Maybe combined with lst to keep it growing down then top it so you have multiple stalks then let them grow up... but what would be the point.. it would take longer to grow with a questionable outcome...
  12. I just harvested 11oz from a hanging planter......j/k......however, I wouldn't mind throwing a sativa clone in there just for fun. I can't wait to wake up one morning and see the poor girl lying on the ground with my dogs eating her. Either way, where I live the conditions are perfect for this type of thing if it works. In 2 weeks Ill give it a try and make a journal with links here.
  13. I have grown tomato in these pots. The main advantage is that the tomato plant does not fall over or need to be tied up. Also there is little possibility of tomatoes rotting on the ground or being eaten by ground crawling bugs. The plants to tend to grow against the planter and away from the ground (a few fishing weights always fix this). The other thing is hanging tomatoes seem to need more frequent watering (once a day) vs. standard 2-3 day watering.

    Don't buy one of these hangers!! Just cut a hole in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket and go from there, already has a hanging handle and everything.
  14. MJ grows towards the light these will not work at all. If you need proof of this just put a sprout next to a CFL for a day and then put the CFL on the other side of the plant in about an hour or two the sprout will have pulled a u turn and start growing towards the new location


  15. True, but the plant is also inclined to grow away from gravity, regardless of light source location. A friend of mine grew/grows with some plants upside down, they grow down for a very short time then start to grow back up. He got them to grow kinda sideways, though. In any case, tomato plants don't grow like trees like our plants do, so the hanging tomato planters really aren't all that great an idea for us.

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