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Discussion in 'General' started by bluntz_fa_sho, May 26, 2009.

  1. whats your go to food choice when your hungover? personally i try to go with either a pizza or a big ol burger.
  2. I usually stick to a sub, quiznos FTW and a prairie oyster(the drink).
  3. water, multi-vitamin, water, ibuprofen, more water.
  4. I killed some Zaxby's for a late lunch a little after I woke up hungover this mornin/afternoon :p
  5. never been hungover, so i wouldnt know
  6. When i'm hung over the last thing I can think about is eating. I usually drink a ton of water and pop a few aspirin.
  7. sofa pizza

    left over chinese

    meatloaf sandwich
  8. Orange chicken, sesame chicken, and rice.

    Greasy cheeseburgers, like wendys.
  9. This morning i was horribly hung over n i had toast with peanut butter and a ham n cheese omlette
  10. Another beer and go about my day :bongin:

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