Hands Free Whopper Holder

Discussion in 'General' started by Sarkons, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. What if I get a big mac?
  2. so much smaller, but so much tastier....dat saucey sauce.....
  3. I keep thinking of my gf everytime I see this thread title.
  4. i love to eat and drive. also, i approve.
  5. I can just see the lawsuit after some fatass drives into a wall eating hands free and that fucking hands free burger holder becomes a permanent part of the forehead due to airbag.

    Lawyer: "yeah ford, your airbag was safe....but had you tested it on a dummy wearing a hands free burger holder, you'd see just how UNSAFE it really is!!!!"

    Jury: We award the defendants family 14 trillion dollars.
    lmao dude thats hilarious
  7. Only in America 
    FUNNY~! :)... the sad thing about that though is this has happened way to many damn times.
  9. This made me laugh SO HARD. you have no fucking idea.
  10. That's so Idiocracy, I love it. 
  11. also need the helmet with the straw for the drink
  12. maybe one day well have a Hands Free ass wiper to go with the Whopper you just ate
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    This must be an American invention. Who else would be down with continuing menial tasks with a massive slab of beef, bread and condiments chillin in ya face.

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