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hands down best vap.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by pheadrus, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. ok i just had a small harvest and decided to go buy a vap. after many hours of research i decided that DA BUDDHA VAP is without a doubt the best vaporizer for the money and the silver surfer is equally good just looks cooler. the heating elements and general designs are the same except that the SSV is angled downward a little and is made in america.

    over the years ive smoked out of every vaporizer i have heard of. besides the volcano there should be no reason to spend over 250 on a vap. thee DBV and SSV hits better, and tastes much much better then any other vap due to the all ceramic and glass heating element and the air intake being separated from the electronics (fucking brilliant and simple design) also the right angle is nice, no bud falling in and never have to clean the heating element, also i personally like the male glass on glass end on the whip instead of the female, once again because the vap never gets dirty.

    there is one down side to the DBV/SSV there is no digital readout, but thats not that bad. just set the dial to 12 and your good to go.

    also... if you turn it all the way up when you turn it on, it heats up in 10 seconds... the wait on other vaps drives me crazy. when i want to smoke i want to smoke NOW!

    P.S. all the hand blown glass accessories for the SSV fit on the DBV.

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