Handicap parking.

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    Some of you may remember in the not-so-distant-past that there were actual disabled and old people parking in those spots.

    I rarely see that anymore, it almost seems like the obese people stole all their spots. Especially at fast food joints. It's just not fair.

    It's ironic that in our nation they give people with obvious weight problems closer parking when that's the last thing they need.

    I was enjoying my afternoon meal today, and I see a car park in a handicap spot. Before I visually saw their figures, my high mind had already figured it out long before. They wobbled in, and loaded their plates up (bufet).

    Ah, the American dream. High people need closer spots if anything, christ. Our taxpayers dump so much money into helping people who ate themselves into their situation and are now basically useless. Meanwhile, the able-bodied high person who actually has a job gets harrassed by the law and forced to face such horrible penalties when caught.

    Does our government WANT everyone to be useless and "handicaped"?

    Come on, what happened to America? Responsible, able-bodied people can't keep supporting the thieves, trash, degenerates, obese, "mentally" ill--the list goes on. Something is going to give, it's just a matter of when. We allow to many people to sit and wallow in their own filth doing absolutely nothing.
  2. So their handicapped customers can walk their fat bodies a shorter distance to fill their gullet with overpriced, over processed food flavored trash.
  3. They should have special Fat Person parking spaces that are at the back of the lot.
  4. I fucking hate fat people.

    maybe because I'm too skinny.... but screw you guys.

    I'm lazy as shit, but you guys make me look like a pro athlete.

    I should be parking in that spot, and riding around in the electric shopping carts.
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    Lol! I know right.
  6. Here's a question:

    Have you ever seen a handicapped person using a handicapped bathroom stall?

    Because I don't think I ever have, and it's kind of weird.

  7. Handicapped in the sense of physically? Because I've seen myself handicapped off of unmentionables using one of those.
  8. The funniest thing at WalMart I ever saw was going there at about midnight after blazing and the entire parking lot was empty - except every single handicap spot was taken! There really is some truth to the "WalMart becomes the house of crazy walks at nighttime"
  9. Yeah they just woke up from their pill induced partial como that the doctor prescribes and decided to ride the carts one last time tonight to refill on some frozen pizza, cheese sticks, whatever they're in the mood for.
  10. Well this thread is pretty pathetic. Come on guys, we don't need to think of all these people like dirt. Yeah, maybe a good portion of them are just not responsible with their lives, but it's really inconsiderate to label those others who really aren't at fault for the way their body is. You don't know their story by looking at them.

    Be happy if you've got a good body that works well. If you wanna feel superior, that's okay, but they're not dirt. If you still think of them like that, keep it to yourself. Spewing it helps no one at all.

    By the way, I consider myself lucky that I can be lazy with my diet and still be real slim and easily active. Just as I don't do a whole lot for myself I can see why those unlucky ones got to be that way.
  11. I got a $40 ticket for parking in a handicap spot, the parking lot was empty i didn't think It would matter.
  12. I remember working at a grocery store in high school, fat people would always take those little scooters and cart their asses around the store. We only had 2 for the entire store and they always had fat women riding them around, pissed me off to no end.

    They'd drive right up to their car and leave them sitting in the parking lot too...
  13. Im not skinny or anthing but when i see obese people.......its disguisting i mean shyyyt why ur back look like a wave pool ordering a family meal plate,ESPEICALLY the females...u seen that part in shallow hal where hal and mauricio are at the park and hal waves his girl and hals like there she is man and mauricios like where? Behind the water buffalo??.haha man thats halarious.


  14. I mean like, common
  15. some people say stoners are degenerates too. everyone has a story. they could have problems with their adrenal glands that make them fat.
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    Most of them just eat a fuckload, it ain't rocket science
  17. when i go to asda or tessco the car parks seem like there are more disabled spots
    and baby parking spots than there is just plain parking spots.
    gets me thinking is the whole world going to end up disabled?,the rate the disabled spaces
    are incresing.must be something in the water?
  18. No, some of us have arthritis in pretty much every joint from about the diaphragm down [except my ankles. Which sucks, I had weak ankles as a kid now they are about the only joint that doesn't have issues :confused:] On a really good day I can walk with crutches, on a normal day I am in a wheelchair. I eat 1800 cal a day [or frequently less, I eat a lot of veggies, though I am not vegetarian] and have for the last 28 years that I have been diabetic. I don't sit on my ass popping candy all day.

    Thanks for caring though ....
  19. the pic of the fat woman isnt right... i guess the granny next to the driver seat is the one who is handicapped... if it was obvious im sorry :D

    about the bathrooms for handicapped people: my school had a bathroom like that on the first floor haha! no elevator but a lot of stairs :D architects :confused: :smoke:

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