Handeling Exams?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by petrified, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. Well what can i say...for all us students still here, exam's are comming closer...for all those who have started studing and shit...i am in the same boat...and hate it....
    its the usual shit i guess....go easy on the green to get your memory and attention span up and all that shit...

    but man.,...how do all u otthers go into exams? i got some friens that smoke up even the night before the exam...and smoke everday for 2-3weeks prior to exams... where as i kinna start slowing down a month before exams...and am a absolute abstanie from 2 weeks b4 exams...

    just wondering how others handel exams...

    but hey...i am sure we all are the same after the last exam is finished....walk into the exam with a pre-rolled joint..ready to spark up the second we get out...


  2. I would definitely have a bowl ready to toke once you're done with your finals.
    I used to abstain, OK realistically... I was partying really hard in college and didn't really study that often, hence I never finished :D
    But what I found worked the best when I was doing GOOD was to slow down on the toking, study a little every night for awhile - you'll retain it better if you study over a period of time, instead of JUST the night before.
    also a critical thing is to get lots of rest - i have been prepared for exams, but stayed up so late the night before pulling an all-nighter or something and I can't even think straight once I'm in that classroom w/ the blank page in front of me.

    Good luck on your exams hope you ace them all and get blasted afterwards :)
  3. yeah guys, I know what you mean.

    since january, when I moved into the dorms, I have not had one sober day. I have smoked weed at least everyday, with other drugs scattered inbetween.

    I can't even begin to tell you how anxious I am to take a break from this place and regain my strength for next fall. phew!

    yeah, exams are coming up and I'll do the best I can but I am pretty worn out. :(
  4. I'm so glad I get to miss my final exams. I got decent grades throughout high school, so I got accepted into an internship for all of fourth quarter. The best part is I am getting paid for it.
  5. My exams are gonna happen in little clumps, like four in four days, and then a week gap and then a bunch more etc. I plan on not smoking for about a week before the exams so I can concentrate on study, but I'll prolly smoke once or twice in the big gaps. I'll get too stressed otherwise.
  6. I'm in school right now too and i smoke constantly...even during exam time. I don't think that the weed i smoke has controll over my memory... unless it's really dank. what i do is study really hard while i'm not stoned. The info is in there for good and a little...or a lot of weed wont get it out. Although I wouldn't try it out on an important exam. Everyone handles their weed differently.

    "If I study high, take the test high, I figure I'll get high scores" Redman from the movie...


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