Hamm's Glass - 2013 Exo-Gem Bubblers

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    With the new year upon us we've begun to see things change all around us. New car models, glass pieces, it can get kind of redundant. That is until you take the time to check out the newest waterpipe named the Exo-Diffuser Gem bubblers from master glassmaker Hamm.

    For those of you new to his work Hamm has made himself known as one of the worlds most talented glass artists. A local of Eugene, OR (the birthplace of contemporary boro-glass pipemaking) Hamm's style encompasses the "Scientific" style of lamp-working. His mastery of clear colored borosilicate glass, lathe techniques, welds, and precise detail is seldom challenged. He is also often proclaimed as one of the first artists to have created the infamous "recycler" style waterpipes. If you want someone to build you a scientific apparatus that actually smokes well... you better call Hamm!!

    His latest line of work embodies Hamm's ethos of constant progression within his own style. By using a new style of diffuser aptly named the exo-diffuser each bubbler is crafted in geometric style, giving it the "gem" style feel. By using this geometric design Hamm is able to create a tremendous amount of diffusion, making this piece not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.



    Here are some videos of some of them in action, not how each one is just slightly different. This showcases both Hamm's talents as a hand-made artisan but it also demonstrates the skill in creating glass in geometric forms. We believe the accute angles help the diffusion in that the bubbles are forced to break up even more when pressed up against the sides of the vessel, especially in the corners where the sides meet.

    ]Exo Diffuser Gem Bubbler - YouTube

    Look out for more exciting waterpipes from Hamm in the near future and beyond. If you are inspired by the scientific style of work Hamm is the one to look up to. We hope you have a happy and healthy 2013 this year!

    - The Glass Otaku
  2. Wow, awesome! Really unique stuff there. Interestingly, I had this exact idea for a diffuser recently, glad Hamm utilized a similar idea!
  3. THIS is the kind of glass I prefer. Functional art. If a non-smoker saw one of these they probably would have no idea that you smoke out of these. I could never justify shelling out a ton of money on a custom piece, but maybe Hamm could turn me around. Brilliant pieces.

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