Collab Hamm Brushland and Mente Collab artists from Eugene, OR

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  1. Pretty dope piece over 17 hours of straight work put into it by Hamm himself when made and Mente worked on the color. Lots of crazy bends and folds in this piece its diffused and the smoke spins in the Top called a smoke spinner haha i guess. Also the thing takes iron lungs to hit pretty cool
    [ame=]Hamm Mente #6 Collab - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Great video except the music.
  3. looks crazy big :)

    (wtf => [ame][/ame]
  4. Except the music? Haha oh well
  5. nice hamm!

    i wanna go ham on a hamm.
  6. yeah i pretty much smoked myself into a coma and died last night it was great this video took many bong hits to create so i got reeeeaallly high haha
  7. Dude that piece is sick! The work on it is crazy.
  8. Lol funny thing, I read the comments before I watched the vid and after I saw the first post I knew it was gonna be Wiz hahaha. I actually like Ink My Whole Body, that's back when he actually had good songs haha. Star Power is probably my favorite mixtape from Wiz, even though I really don't listen to him as much anymore.

    Sweet bong too man haha.
  9. Ink my whole body is dope i dont care if she shells out radio music now he had some.good music ink my whole body being one of the songs
  10. Cool Bong. Wiz is a bitch tho. But you Young cats aint got much going for you talent wise so I understand the confusion.

    "Ink your whole body cuz I dont give a fuck" "tatt tatt tatt it up" remember that song? LMAO.

  11. Dude loves his ink don't hate!
  12. If anyone has any info about where this or any of the other hamm/mente collabs are- hit me up @Tussian on ig

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