HALP!! nute burn close to harvest. PICS.

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  1. hey whats up guys thanks for your time
    so ive encountered a huge bump in the road with my larry ogs that are 8 weeks into flowering and started their flush. i trimmed almost all of my fan leaves and lollpopped my nugs in order to give them better light and an attempt to divert the nutes straight to the nugs. i experienced drying in the remaining leaves that dried up to a crisp. it was a delayed reaction cuz it occurred as i started to feed them less. i have two plants and one (smaller one) burnt first and has made a slight recovery as far as new hair development however my bigger one followed the pattern a week later and hasn't made much recovery. i was wondering if anyone has experienced this problem and was hoping to find what to expect as far as the taste and quality. i feel that its pretty burnt and i should havest it soon? in one week instead of two...? (flushing with just water and molasses)

    also there is a third larry og in the tent that is all organic and is thriving in health but the nugs werent as big as the synthetic nutes. that one looks really healthy and are anticipating a full 10 weeks total till harvest (2 weeks to go)

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  2. ps. i was wondering what facts people know about spraying the nugs with water... beneficiary at all? i have opted not to spray them with anything but feel it may help the dried nugs. humidity and temp are good.
  3. oh and one more thing...was wondering if anyone would recommend adding any fertilizer like "bud swell" (bat guano/ earthworm castings/ seabird poo) during the flush? considering poor health. npk = 0.7.0
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    It is not recommended in flowering

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