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  1. Three clones, where do I go from here. Seems like the leaves are dying? How do I water, light, ect. Any feedback would be great.

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  2. are they well rooted yet? when watering completely flood and saturate the soil but then let it dry out before watering again otherwise you will drown it.

    be careful with nutrients, they look like they may have had too much, but I could be wrong

    what light do you have them under? the bigger the light source your grow box will allow the better

    you will need a fan blowing on the plants when they gain a bit of health, I wouldn't do it until they are growing well again though. you will need some ventilation in that box too

    what is your temperature in there? they look cooked, they may be suffering from heat exhaustion
  3. Here's some more pictures, it's not hot at all really in there. Probably about 78-79, and I have a vent hole in the back of that box. Soil is damp right now and sitting in about 2cm of water in that bowl.

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  4. you need more light and a lot of patience.

    bury those stems all the way up to the leaves so the stem will turn into root material

    i was watching a guy on youtube who gradually buries his tomato plant so the suckers (popcorn nugs) turn into roots.
  5. Yupp... I'd go get decent dirt and pots and bury them baby's just under the first growth on the stem.
  6. after seeing the new photos I'd definitely say they are over fertilised.
    what lamp are you using? are you planing to add more light at any point?
    you will need some sort of forced ventilation. a few holes aren't going to cut it. a 3inch computer fan might be enough.
    don't have them sitting in water for longer than a few hours or you will suffocate the roots
    there's no need to bury stems, the stems are fine, they are only a few inches tall
  7. They were given to me spur of the moment, had no time to repair. I have a scrog room set up and I have the lights just have to mount them. For the time being, what should I do. And that is not where I'm growing them, that's just where we're having it get taller I guess before flowering where we'll move it to the scrog room.

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