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  1. Friend got it 2 days after release n has beat pretty much everything says its amazing
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    I just realized I forgot to add you guys in the thread on Live. I'm going to stay with my girlfriend this weekend so I won't be on but we should definitely get on some games soon.

    I usually play thurs-sun at night around 8-12 CST. Sometimes also during the week but those are the nights I put in the most hours.

    Add me up if you guys feel like playing. My gamertag is Dr Froidberg

  3. Doubles playlist coming up this weekend 64% of votes as of right now. Gonna be fun fuckers
  4. Well I have discovered I am god awful at multi in Halo 5, I have always been pretty decent in past Halos but holy shit, I am going like 3 and 15 and just getting destroyed. Hopefully I get the hang of this one soon
  5. Use your thrusters often!
  6. Anyone want to do some breakout or doubles? We get first round of free DLC next week also which is dope.
  7. Yeah I'd like to get into some breakout sometime. I'm a diamond but I haven't played many matches recently.

    Doubles should just be a permanent playlist.
  8. When your teammates don't stick together. Smh so annoying.
  9. Lol am not as good as I used to be at halo games //
  10. First time playing halo 5 online I felt so vulnurable without my br and percs, especially without my promethian vision. alot of Doope metals too like "bxr" and "perfect"
  11. Lets play!!
  12. Psyched for BTB coming next week. Been playing strictly warzone online for the most part
  13. Yes! I have been hoping a btb playlist since launch.
  14. Who's online? I need a Breakout team!
  15. Shadow and Light update out now. 6.2GB

    • 48 new REQ to collect.
    • BTB (CTF, Slayer, Strongholds)
    • 4 new maps
    • Tweaks to Warzone (reduced base capture time, faster REQ leveling, reduced starting grenade count)

    Other changes can be seen in the link.
  16. this update is LEGIT. i was kinda skeptical since they were gonna make them all free, but this may be better than any of those fucking map packs and shit they used to make people pay for.
  17. I'm straight up murkin dudes tonight in BTB [​IMG]
  18. CTF in BTB is wack. It just turns into slayer. Have yet to be in a match that was won by capturing all the flags lol.
  19. Just played a game of warzone and wasn't able to use any REQs that was fucking annoying. They were available for me to use but I'd pick what I wanted and spawn with an assault rifle and mgnum no matter what. At first I was like "whatever, just gonna merk everyone with my AR. Fuck it."

    Now i'm pretty annoyed lol
  20. Just went hard in BtB. Fun as hell.

    Battlefront has taken most of my time this weekend tho

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