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  1. Anybody planning on picking up Halo 5 in the next few days. I played the beta and really enjoyed it.

    Feel free to add me if anybody feels like playing.

    Buffalo Beano
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    Yo, I got this ish preloaded and just waiting. Gonna be playing all night, hope servers are solid. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Game is super dope. Played 4 levels of heroic campaign, now playing war zone!
  3. Anyone having any issues since purchasing this? This is my first Halo game I didn't get at launch and while I am definitely wanting to play today, I am happy I waited because many people apparently have been having issues with the install and have not been able to play yet. I purchased a copy online today from newegg for $40 and if the issues aren't better by next week I will probably just return it. At least the launch is better than the MCC launch though.
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    ^ Damn $40 for physical copy?

    I have only been able to complete 1 full round of war zone, before losing connection. connection in arena hasn't been any trouble.
  5. Yeah, it was on newegg today if you use a discount code it brings it down to 40 so I figured why not grab a copy. It will be at least a week before it comes in the mail anyway so I will be keeping an eye on the halo waypoint forums for updates on the install issue a bunch of people seem to be having. If anyone wants to order it and wants the code shoot me a message
  6. platinum ranked in slayer[​IMG]. Gonna tear up capture the flag soon.
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    Nice. I've only had a chance to play 1 match so far during my lunch break. My k/d was 3.5 so not a bad start.

    I plan on really getting into it tonight after my boy goes to bed.
  8. Been installing at 99% foreverrrrrrrr man what the fuck
  9. finally got ranked in team arena. Got platinum 1. About to try out regular team slayer
  10. Badass game still playng story dam I'm still cheering for cheif
  11. Good shit man. Have you played any Warzone?
  12. Can't decide if i will pick this up. Is it traditional or more progressive?
  13. I'd say more progressive
  14. Bed tike or burn one more bowl n finish off the story or play multilayer till rank but bed hmm
  15. Mine came yesterday and the wife won't let me play it until I'v finished Batman.
    What should I do?
  16. not yet. Hopefully I'll be doing that tonight. I'm curious how long the matches are
  17. 12 hours so far..[​IMG]
  18. I'm at 89% installing! hnghhhhh I can't wait.

    Been playing halo 4 the past few days to get my halo aim back in shape lol
  19. Batman was great I loved that game, other than having to collect all the Riddler trophies to activate the Knightfall Protocol...But I would just play whatever video game you want, because you already have both its not like you are spending more money.
  20. I'm loving Breakout. Fun as fuck except when you get pussies who quit early.

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