Halo 3 and GC

Discussion in 'General' started by phiegnux, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. Killer3 had a great idea.

    Every blade a GC who has a 360 and is currently playing Halo 3 post your gamertag. What we need to do is get a clan goin.

    my XBL gamertag: phiegnux

  2. Well im online right now so If you wanna lose its KillerJC1
    Ill add you
  3. JSm00th08

    be on tomorow fools im goin to bed
  4. V0l4t1l3

    I'm pickin my copy of H3 up today.
  5. Milkshot420
  6. Dr steve 420 im always on
  7. eleven357 of course
  8. Gamtertag:AbsteeCorpse
  9. Aristodemus01, on pretty much every day.
  10. Just got my 360 today and loving it. Gamertag is in my sig, hit me up for some games.
  11. Mines BongZore420 lets play some halo
  12. xQuikSilverx

    But like I posted before, my halo3 is stolen, so unless I'm playing with a friend on his 360, I'll be playing other games until I get it back.

    You guys should still add me though. Just let me know you're from GC or something. I'd gladly join a clan if we start one. We can have huge blaze and halo sessions! :D
  13. RedmanGoneWild all day. Hit me up fellow GC'rs im gettin pretty good
  14. x bongman420
  15. Mastashake315
  16. DeductiveHorse

    Great idea btw.
  17. Heretic2123 on all the time:smoke:
  18. GT: jackbond64

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