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Hallucinations While High

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ruthus99, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Hey all, In my most recent blaze session, I got extremely high and started having extremely strong Closed-Eye hallucinations of lots of geometric and fractal multicolour structures. Anybody else experienced this? anybody ever had open-eye hallucinations? feel free to share your experiences. :wave:

    On a side note, Let me tell you a story about the hallucinations:
    When I closed my eyes for a third time, I saw loads of lego bricks flying towards me, I opened my eyes and forgot about them. Then about 5 mins later I remembered about them and when I closed my eyes I saw the bricks had assembled into complex structures and there were even brick people buying and selling things. I thought it was amazing to see that the bricks could evolve like this and I thought that if I had remembered about the bricks as they were evolving into these people, I could have found out about the secret of how humans evolved from single-celled creatures. I'm sorry if that didn't make any sense, I'm sooo stoned atm :smoke::smoke:
  2. i get open eye visuals every time i smoke a large amount of weed, they get more intense as i smoke more...usually shadows start vibrating first, then objects slowly vibrate, then the entire foreground of my vision has random patterns forming and moving, then these patterns have random color, then i start actually seeing these patterns on walls/objects, then its hard to actually focus on one thing and objects start morphing..kinda like the early stages of a shroom trip.

    if you wear glasses/contacts while youre super high it's easier to get these distortions/hallucinations
  3. I have seen these visual effects also. Everytime me and about 3 friends would smoke a fat joint and many many bowls and then go walking at night the ground looked like it had puddles of some kind of liquid all over it
  4. Happens to me when I get really high
  5. when I get really high, colors look amazing and I get a laggy vision effect. like you're in a flipbook.
  6. Holy shit, I know what you mean. Like you look around the room and instead of seeing like everything as soon as u turn your head, you just see it in pictures. Hella laggy.
  7. Kids these days... :rolleyes:
  8. Closed eye visuals are the shit!!! I saw green confetti everywhere when I was high and those random colorful visuals are so great and sometimes the visuals look like fireworks.
  9. @above, I definately agree, it's almost like everything you see is in frames. OP, I have the same experiences as you and I've also had open-eye hallucinations... if that's what you want to call 'em. My experiences with them are like GKGs, except I am seeing geometry and pattern.
  10. Yeah, I've had similar CEVs of big structures that are mostly black built out of shapes, kind of looking like big toothpick structures but with colored toothpicks and a black background (obviously)

    Fuck, some girl just walked by outside my window with a really nice ass, and I thought she had fully walked by so I looked back, and then I saw some motion and I looked back out my window and she was picking something up in the street, bent over with her booty right at me.

    That was awesome.

    And yeah man, it happens when you're real high. :D

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