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hallucinations before death

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by mhughes, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. I just spent the weekend at home with my grandma who is under hospice care and falling quickly...
    I started thinking about how so many ppl see old friends, angels, Jesus, saints, etc. immediately before they die.
    I think it would be extremely interesting to see what is going on with your brain chemistry at this point and how similar it is to tripping.
    Does anybody know anything about brain behavior at this point?

    One interesting caveat of a study like this would be examples of higher beings.
    If they do studies and find no explanation for why so many ppl have these hallucinations Im sure many religious ppl will say it is evidence of a supernatural being.
    And even if they found some chemical basis for it, it would still be interesting to see why your brain goes thru these hallucinations right before death.
  2. Wait..

    How the hell has this been proven?
  3. My dad's aunt had cancer in her liver and she was hallucinating when we saw her before she died. It was cool, though, because she was hallucinating about good times with her family back in the day.
  4. I've heard that the brain releases large amounts of DMT right when you die, the same DMT released during your REM sleep that makes you dream. I don't know if this is true but who knows....I've done DMT once before and it was extremely spiritual and felt in some ways...like eternity....i lost all sense of time...

    Who knows I don' know if I believe it, but maybe death is an eternal DMT trip??!!!
  5. Seconded

  6. It hasnt really been proven, but its well documented. Ive seen it, my mother has seen it thousands of times (when she was an ICU nurse)
    Ive talked to a few other nurses and they all say the same thing, after working with ppl near death they are all sure there is a god and all ppl have spiritual 'guides' (old friends, Jesus, etc) they see right before they die to help them with their 'journey'
    not being religious i dont really see that...

    When i saw it, i was visiting a family friend in the hospital, he started reaching up and kept grabbing for something, my father asked what he was doing and he said, 'Jesus is standing next to you, dont you see him'
    he passed within the minute

    Thanks Piper and primitive, a lil DMT trip before you die, thats some cool stuff
    def seems possible, i wish i could find more research on it tho (i knew ethics would get in the way of that)

    Side: grandmother passed early this morning, RIP
  7. The hallucination before death is called life.
  8. The Truth Hath Been Spoken:eek:
  9. I hear ya, I took four tabs of acid this summer and about 5 hours into the trip I thought I died and moved onto the next level of eternal boredom... I totally forgot I was tripping but that's the most intense, I guess, "spiritual" experience I've ever had
  10. Wow, that's the single best quote I've read on Grasscity.
    +Rep for that.
  11. ever since i was a kid i always felt that when you die, you trip out and hallucinate

    dmt being released could make you trip out. this could explain why people 'see their life flash before their eyes' -dmt trips are usualy short after all.

    they didnt actualy see every waking moment of their life, they just tripped out and couldnt explain it. thats when the media got a hold of it. This is my theory and i dont think its been proven. but it gives me comfort in dieing.
    of course, the trip eventualy ends since your body and brain arent alive anymore.
  12. Yeah, but where did the soul go ?
  13. Yeah, but prove the existance of a soul that exists without a brain.
  14. Why do you ask this question, when you can not disprove the soul ?
  15. It doesn't matter at all what happens after your brain stops functioning because you really won't know the difference.
  16. Did I say a soul didn't exist? nope, I said in order to claim that your soul goes anywhere you need to prove that it can exist without a functioning brain.
  17. I've heard of this before and I like the idea since it seems to be actually plausible. But the people conveying the story were stonewalled on the idea that its a perpetual trip because time seems to stop, which didn't make sense because eventually the body will rot away and the brain ceases to exist.

    But during those last hours where all the electrical activity in your brain is dying down, hell yeah I'd be comfortable trippin DMT.
  18. not to go on with a long story but in 3rd grade i was extremly sick and died well obviously not permanetly but had no pulse or anything for almost a minute luckily i am fine today but in the emergency room when everything stopped right before i got this euphoric feeling lights got extremly bright and i saw tons of colors that def werent in the room and then i woke up 2 days later with tons of tubes and shit in me not exactly peasureable but when old people die in hospice and shit they probably do trip seeing as how they are normally on high morphine doses until they finally pass on sorry about your grandma btw
  19. You didn't say anything about the soul going anywhere in your OP. Only, requesting proof for the existence of a soul. I'm not sure what soul you are thinking of, but my recognition of the soul, is to exist after the body does not.
  20. Smigs - Don't fucking quote me out of context. :mad:

    It really pisses me off when people have to lie to make themselves seem correct.

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