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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mca0092, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. #1 mca0092, Aug 15, 2008
    Last edited: May 2, 2017
  2. im hallucinating shit right now.. well maybe not .. but im fuckin trippin ballz
  3. I'm sure it's possible, but only if you smoke an absurd amount in a very short time, like a pound in 5 minutes.

    The most I've ever smoked was a half O in half an hour and I got so high that I was drooling, but no hallucinations.

    And of course, if it's laced, than hallucinations are entirely possible.

    Sorry to jack the thread, but what do you guys think of sig? Just cranked it out in Photoshop a few mins ago.
  4. dude i was just checkin it out before i read your post...its dope:smoking:
  5. I hallucinate when I'm boxin' it,

    I'll see my friends moving and jumping around like something off of a horror movie,

    and I'll look over and they're just chillin

    shit's crazy
  6. like a minute ago i saw in my head some crazy eminem remix video of songs that dont exist.. i would call that hallucinating
  7. Dude, I want whatever you're smoking.
  8. once i got a quarter supposivly good shit and i have smoked 4 bowls from a bubbler so not that much but i should have been feeling it and i felt nothing so i decided to smoke a bowl by myself and when i was done i was seeing cows jump in front of me no lie haahahhah. i was imagineing number 9s and cows just floating. still no idea why either of them happened but everyone else was tripping too. the weed was laced with something im sure but i tell you it was the best high i will ever have. it was weird. the whole time it felt like my life would end if the cows and 9s stopped. i felt so dependent on seeing them. its weird but amazing.
  9. Cinderella-99. End of story.
  10. after taking shrooms and lsd my highs have become much more visual. and at times they are pretty intense, basically like im tripping
  11. one time i coulda swore i kept seeing a garbage can in the right corner of my eye, but when i looked over there it was gone . and this happened to me like for a half hour until i just gave up. then i just started seeing dots everywhere . shit freaked me out, i only smoked like a blunt to the faace too .
  12. well i know you can blackout for a while for holding it in but yea u can hallucinate a little bit not much just to the point where shit looks like chocalate not saying ive ate shit....:smoke:
  13. whenever it's bright outside and im high..i see these flying dots all over my field of vision but i cant look at them directly otherwise they drift off into another corner of my eye.

    hella damn annoying
  14. I normaly lightly trip but when i sleep i trip the most shit ever and have visuly intense dreams and visions thats why i love the green stuff...
  15. Deprive the body of sleep and youll hallucinate i wouldnt reccomend it tho, it cant be good for you
  16. once on a sunny day i looked out on the grass and it was like an impressionistic painting. wasnt even that high
  17. i smoked last night and i was straight trippin. when i was typing on the computer my fingers were changing into different kind of animals but retaing the shape of my hand. idk it was fucking wierd. i was basically just out of it. .
  18. Meh, you can have very slight hallucinations,
    but nothing like Acid or Mushrooms IMO
    I used to see peoples faces changing when I first started smoking tho
  19. when your in a group I think it would be hard to trip...

    but when I'm alone I think I sometimes see some shit that really isnt happening.. nothing scary, usually something cool..

    you can see a kurt cobain poster over my couch in my room reflect on a tv, I was lookin at the tv and I watched my poster move up and down and all over the tv..

    sometimes some paranormal type shit happens..

    I love it though..

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