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Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by BrassNwood, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. Mangos ahead work for some as well.

    Sent with more cow bell!?
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  2. I really don't find it makes much difference in when or with what I eat the capsules. They hit in a very predictable way for me empty stomach or not. The only time it gets interesting is at holiday meals where I've just got to have a 2nd and 3rd plate and I get wrecked before I can have Pie.

    This could be the way my metabolism works and you may get slightly varying results. Experimentation is always best and gaining experience with the stuff. I've made the leap and this is my everyday method of using the herb with very little inhalation.
    What toking I do now just shoots a little whipping cream on top of the big slice of Pie the capsules are.

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  3. Interesting. Do you find you reach a tolerance point and need a break?
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  4. Quite the opposite for me. The stuff stacks up in your system taken every day and I'll reach overload and need to skip a day every week or so. 8 years of near continuous use and it'll send me off to the moon anytime I take a bit to much.
    Smoke to much herb or hash while oiled = same result. Overload and now I'm way past where comfort is.

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  5. @BrassNwood I'm ready to take my hash caps to the next level sir. I'm picking up 3# of dry ice for a shade under $10 and processing 1oz of good quality hash plant flower into dry ice hash. I've got another 10 grams of hash from the last run I'll add to the dry ice hash. Decarb for 40 minutes at 240 like I did on the first batch, but this time I'm going to do a total of 40 minutes cook time split into two 20 minute intervals with a cool down time to room temp in between. I did 80 minutes on the last batch in two 40 minute intervals with a freeze in between. There was no added potency or benefit of any kind with the added cook time. I'm very excited to see how potent hash caps will be with hash made from flower. I'd love to get them strong enough that I can take 1 or 2 at a time. Just gotta experiment a bit :) These babies are my go to for daily mood control now. 3 in the AM and 3 in the PM. I'm calm as a Hindu cow. My only desire at this point is to increase potency to make each batch of caps go a longer distance. This has become my preferred method of ingestion.
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  6. The oven is electric, after a failed attempt I purchased a thermometer, it takes about 10 minutes extra to reach actual 240 I've learned. I've also tried decarbing in a toaster oven. 40 minutes

    I feel the cookies I made though they taste bad, and with 7 grams of weed in 1 stick I sure hope I feel it with the hash oil it took a hundred drops for me to feel any subtle changes, which makes me believe I made it wrong, even somebody who hardly smokes I gave them like 10 drops over the course of two hours and it didn't work.

    I gave my old arthritis doggy 1 drop last year and I think it did have some effect on her, she seemed much more relaxed and happy, not in as much pain. So somewhere I did get the oil to work.... Just not with the potency of what most here come up with
    I used coconut oil and lecithin, I do have hash/kief.

    I read your post about trying it with a gram of bud and oil lala, I'll try that this week when I have time for sure, maybe on thursday
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  7. <-- Grabs the grease pencil and chalks up another win for team BNW.
    Use Kief or Hash. If Hash make sure it's fluffed up before decarb to expose the maximum surface to the decarb heat. Flame the hash block till it starts to smoke then rub between fingers and thumb and it'll expand.

    Keep increasing the dose every 2 hours until it works. Double down each time.
    1 cap
    wait 2 hours
    2 more caps
    wait 2 hours
    4 more caps
    Wait 2 hours
    8 more caps
    and on and on.

    Took 10 caps the first time to send my neighbor flying and then he wouldn't touch them for a year as he got so sick. 20 hours of the spins. I tried to warn him and gave him the same gradual ramp up directions but no he took all 10 at once.

    Loves them now but he really went way the hell over the first time.
    He's another one that swore he couldn't get high off of edibles ever.

    If you already know that say 6 caps didn't do it start there and work up.

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  8. Total input: 39g flower
    Total output: 17g
    Total return %: 43.5
    Sieve: 160 micron
    Method: Dry ice


    160 micron sieve:

    Had a great teaching opportunity with my 6 year old grand baby that my wife and I are home schooling. She learned what sublimation is and that dry ice is just frozen CO2. I had to get rid of the surplus somehow. They only sold it in 8# packages, so I had way more than I needed. She had a blast watching the basement fill with vapor :)
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  9. Waste product from inside the sieve bag after processing: 22g of waste
    And here's the money shot. See the green looking hash on top? That's how I knew the material was spent and plant matter was beginning to pass through the sieve. The rest is gorgeous blond, and it smells 10 times better than the flower did. It's sweet and delicious. Very cool :)


    Plus the 7 or so grams I had from my trim bubble hash run: 20201222_120626.jpg

    17g of high grade hash and about 7.5 grams of decent trim hash for a total of 24.5g for the next batch. I just did the 40 minute decarb on a cookie sheet with parchment paper and a double foil wrap. I think I'll use a pizza pan moving forward. One sheet of foil will cover the whole thing edge to edge. The tray I used today I had to use a lot of foil to make it completely sealed to my satisfaction. Using a cookie sheet that is smaller than the spread of foil that comes out of the package is the key. That way one sheet of foil wraps around the entire top of the pan and tucks under the edges. Of course I double wrap :)
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  10. I stopped covering the decarb and processing a long time ago. It either didn't make a bit of difference (processing) or it was subjectively stronger uncovered (decarb). Or I'm lazy and got tired of messing with it. :)

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  11. That's the one thing I couldn't understand about BadKat's recipe. If the temperature is not high enough to vaporize cannaboids at 240 then why are we covering up our hash during the decarb process? The only logic I can surmise was used is to protect from oven temperature "swings" during heat up cycles. Depending on the oven the temp may swing to 260 before dropping down and stabilizing at 240. That's not something that would ever happen in a small countertop electric oven though because the heating elements isn't as large, and the temperature you set it to doesn't tend to swing 20 degrees over your target temp before stabilizing. At least that's my theory as to why BadKat suggested covering with aluminum foil during decarb. I really can't come up with another viable reason. I'll be investing in a countertop oven so I can do the entire process in my basement. Trying to work around my wife in the kitchen does have it's perks. I do love squeezing a titty from time to time. Kinda like a stress ball but way more fun, however it gets a little stressful and hectic when we're both cooking at the same time :) I will not cover the next batch of hash I decarb. There doesn't seem to be any science that explains why covering the hash is necessary if the operating temperature during decarb is not high enough to vaporize off the cannabinoids. I'm left with the following thought: What's the point? I do hate wasting all that foil. I'd be happy to omit that part from the process.
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  12. Do you cover during the cook portion with the decarbed hash and oil? I suppose if logic follows covering during the cook may be unnecessary also. I just wonder what BadKat was thinking there.
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  13. The old Toaster / Convection Oven I use doesn't swing much at all maybe 5 degrees once it warmed up and stabilized. I usually start it 30 minutes before the first load goes in to get it nice and hot.

    Hell I've missed the timer and gone way past 60-70 minutes to where the Kief was getting black tips and it was the same effects made into oil. I couldn't detect an extra sleep factor for the overdone decarb and it's happened more then a few times.

    Two 15 grams piles Pre decarb
    Post decarb.

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  14. Shit. I just realized I cooked with the oil at 240 for two 20 minute intervals instead of 220. Shit. I hope I didn't blow it. I'll report back later.
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  15. This is a good question. For me, it dont matter too much. They usally work every damn time. <3
    I do notice they hit a bit harder on a empty stomach then when im full. If i had a big meal i might need a bit more, but overall they are pretty consistent.

    For my girlfriend though, sometimes she barely gets high from them. When that happens she has had a bigger meal like a dinner. If she takes one before breakfast, they usally send her to lalaland.
    They also work well for her if she eat them just before dinner.
    She is actually making a point of doing that now if she want to get high. Cap>dinner

    If i was looking to get as high as possible from these, i think i would eat them when i wake up, followed by a breakfast.
    Maybe make sure your breakfast got some carbs,fat and lecithin to kickstart your system. Bread/bacon/egg/avocado. Something like that
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  16. I took my usual 3 and this batch is considerably stronger than the previous batch. I used 40 grams of flower to make the hash, so I feel like this is as strong as I can really make it. The intensity is physical. As in I don't want to lift a finger to type ;) I could probably go to sleep right now which is very unusual for me. I'd say @BrassNwood has the right idea using hash from flower. For me the effects are approximately twice as strong as my last batch using hash from trim. I will probably take 1 of these at a time moving forward. They are very strong. It's hard to enjoy being high from your hash caps if you can't stay awake :)

    20201222_140004.jpg 20201222_140614.jpg 20201222_141206.jpg 20201222_145429.jpg 20201222_165705.jpg
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  17. Awesome sounds great for you!

    I wonder if using.. maybe 73 micron mesh for the hash would increase potency?

    Of course with 160 the quality is decent and the quantity is there
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  18. So I have, from my last attempt, this sunflower lecithin capsules. It's not like a liquid oil, it's kind of thick but oily. Just solidified due to temp? It does break down and blend with the oil well once heated. Is this how it should be? I forgot about finding something else so hopefully this is good. Here's a Pic.

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  19. They are the same thing near as I can figure. I just spent 20 minutes digging around about it on the net.
    I tested all the major forms and types and felt they all did the job so that should as well. Might say on it if it's soy or sunflower.

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  20. Hey got batch ready to cook into oil in about 2 more days gotta make sure mybbud dries out to where I can snap it off the stem not bend it. I'm very close though however I'm hearing people say if you decarb longer or at a certain temperature you can make edibles that make your very sleepy I'm looking exactly for the sleepy feel I'm good at fighting through it I want my high to be the bees nees I barely want my eyelids to be open any suggestions? Should I alter my decarb time and temp to a certain number to achieve this or does my strain gotta be mainly indica to make me sleepy.?

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