Halloween Weed Story!!!

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  1. Okay so this story is from my junior year of high school. It's Halloween time, 1 of the 365 days in the year it is appropriate to smoke weed. I was hanging out with the same 4 buddies as my last story, a group we like to call "Sketchfest". What better thing to do than smoke in a graveyard. Now we respect the dead, we didnt smoke on someones tombstone, we were just on a bench surrounded by them. We were smoking 2 joints on the bench and trying to get the adrenaline rush from being frightened. OH boy did we get an adrenaline rush because the scariest shit happened next: We noticed behind us that there was a person dressed as Michael Meyers walking towards us. He was walking ever so slowly, not saying a thing. "Haha! Nice costume man" .... No response. Suddenly we notice that this guy had a knife on him. After seeing that we ran out of the graveyard as fast as possible!
  2. And then he took out a gun and shot all of you. The End.

    Na Na, Just kidding.

  3. lol this threw me off
  4. Me too. How can one go through life only puffing on Halloween? Man your missing out on so much, step it up son.
  5. Same thing happened to me, except a black Michael Jackson was walking towards me.
  6. Oh my god, that sounds terrifying.
  7. Haha my bad, i was stoned when i typed this, what i meant to say was out of all the days that smoking is appropriate to smoke, Halloween was just another typical day.

    and i know its hard to believe but we figured is was just some random guy hiding in the cemetery, which is within a well populated neighborhood, and scaring people that pass by.
  8. That dude laughed his ass off once you ran. I would be checking youtube.

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