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  1. What causes hallow stem?

    I had some plants growing and at about the 6th week of flowering stage at 12/12 I noticed that one of my plants started developing funny looking leaves that would only have one or two on a leaf. I let it go for a while then finally decided to get rid of it cause it was not growing right and looking weird

    When I started cutting on it I noticed that the stems had a hallow hole in the middle of them

    I had some tomatoes that did that to me one time and it caused a stop of production of tomatoes

    Please help :eek:
  2. I grow Citral strain and they always have masive thick hallow stems. Makes cloning with the hallow cuttings damn near immpossible. Always good healthy stoney plants.
  3. your hallow on the inside too....
  4. Omg...they grow that way naturally...like bamboo
  5. Your issues have nothing to do with a hollow stem, thats purely genetic , some strains have hollow stems, some dont.
  6. so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,What are some techniques for getting some roots on plants with this trait?

    ie: God Bud,,,just tried some bending and they snapped and are so hollow.......wow

    I guess I'll try the root sprayer ( home made ez cloner ) and the walmart ice cube tray cloner with vermiculate.

    also I'll be looking for smaller stuff on the bottom....

    anybody have some tips to share???

  7. I have a strain lt is really hard to clone. However when I use smaller cuttings from towards the bottom of the plant I have no problems. Just can't take cuttings from the top. Took me a couple tries before I got it down to a science.

  8. Thanks,,,,,,,I agree,,,,,,,,,,,,I've never had much problems propagating but I've not seen anything this hollow since smoking milkweed in yhe 60's , as a kid. haha . The G.B. has a huge stalk on a plant that's 24 inches tall, after stretch. Big as your little finger and hollow.......Now that I;ve researched it a little the consensus seems to be that hollow is a good thing........go figure.


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