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  1. hey yall new to the forum concept and relatively new to the net but on advice to from the sage ones i will attempt to break my habits and rules and i apologize if i do any automatic denials such as no i dont do that and such these habits are ingrained and have protected me for years i do believe gathering cancepts and new techniques is necesary to improving readily available quality but so used to people who just think im to eccentric and should shut up and toke what im sold but hell no
    my father was a serious breeder for the first 20 years of my life and filled my head with so many superstitions and bs its sometimes hard to sort it all out and those "books" just add twice as much lol any way im madman and hello:wave:
  2. Welcome to the City! :wave:
  3. ty hoping 2 do a cab but need more info great place here;)

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