Halfway Through Flowering Yield!

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  1. So, unfortunately I will be going to jail for 93 days tomorrow. The reason is that I obtained my medical card, grew my own weed, and smoked on probation for domestic violence while I had my medical card. MY PROBATION OFFICER SAID I COULD GET THE CARD ON PROBATION, so I assumed I could use the medicine as if I were prescribed vicodyn or adderol. Guess not... I flushed last week til now and harvested all my premature bud, since I live alone and have nobody to tend to my 8 plants. today is the first day of week 4 flowering, and my plants are 10 week flowering period on average. I harvested, smoked a wet bowl and, to my surprise I am very stoned lmao. I yielded 130g wet with 8 plants, 40% of the way through flowering. What a bitch man. Just thought I'd let you guys know, ya know why not. Now you know premature weed can fuck you up and the yield about halfway through flowering isn't good at all. 1 ounce dry ~ 130g wet, all plants had 2 weeks veg, 4 weeks flowering. They were all 17-20 inches tall.
  2. Gotta do what you've gotta do. Hold it down in there, you'll be out soon.
  3. Haha, don't forget ur toothbrush.
  4. why would you tell us its for domestic abuse? who the fuck hits people? simple bastard..
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  5. Meanwhile 6+ months ago....you see how old this is?
  6. i didnt know that mattered

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