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  1. im buying some weed from my friend that has been smokin for 5 years. he says he gets an oz for 60 during harvest time (not dank though, i think mids) and 90 right now.

    i told him i wanted a half oz and he said he could buy and extra half oz next time he gets his pickup (monday) and he'll sell me the half.

    how much should i expect of some mids, also what should they look like?

    thats a pretty good deal considering my only other connect got me an 8th of medium grade regs (everyone on hear said it was a shitty deal lol) for 15
  2. haha thanks.
  3. u should expect this.....

    wrong forum...

    but seriously.. w/o me being a dick. id say maybe 50
  4. "how much should i expect of some mids"

    what do you mean by that?

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    hahahahahahaha wtf..
    good input bro.

    you should expect 14 grams of some medium grade trees. light in color, probably not to crystally or hairy, but definitely not brown. if it has purple on it i'd be a little wary with it being described as 'mids' because the purp might be caused by freezer burn.

    oh yeah and get to rec. use, youll find similar things like this in there.
  6. nah an 8th of middies for 15 isnt really bad at all, unless it was closer to schwag, than fine mids. youve been on this site for about the same time i have, youve probably already noticed the pot snobbery. if im just buying an 8th of mids, it's 25. and good job on getting the half, thats when price per gram starts going way down. anything under an 8th is gonna be fucking bogus, and standard 8th price is considered 20-30 dollars for mids almost across the board. quarters arent so great either. i get mine for 40. halves are 60-70. ounces are 120. most ive ever bought is an ounce, but i could get a qp of what id consider high mids for around 400.
  7. i should have been more descriptive sorry, i mean visually the amount.
    since my only other pickup was an 8th, what should i look for. like maybe a comparison to common things such as cell phone, hand, cd, etc. lol thanks for pointin this out
  8. twice the size of the 8th

    but some good advice forreal


    "hey man can you scale it out in front of me... i dont have a scale"

  9. Dude I would say even for mids that is a great deal.
  10. [​IMG]

    pretty much a perfect picture of what your lookin for
  11. wait you mean 4 times the size of an 8th right lol?
  12. thats a quarter lol.
  13. aw shit i was thinking a quarter for some reason

    hahaha stupid me

    LOL yeah i even got that qt picture

    i needed burn one...goin w/o bud is making me dumb :D
  14. lmao. i thought it was me for a minute i had to check and make sure i typed half oz in the description lol

    but thanks, i can see from their just 2 of whats in your pic lol

  15. hahahaha
    when i when i saw that picture i was thinking "THIIIS FOOL IS RETAAARRRRDEDDD."

    but then i saw this and realized what youre going through. this happens to me every day in school. it sucks dude :(

  16. haha word
  17. yea Ive been dry for 2 days and my math was off as shit at work today.

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