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Half Oz

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by g1l1fvp, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Good high and smells fruity.
  2. that's a half oz? idk
  3. Looks like a half to me if those big nugs are dense as shit
  4. That looks like it could be a half bag to me. Looks nice
  5. It's not about doubting whether or not the guy has what he says he has... Just look at the buds. Why is it always a game with you guys... :devious:

  6. Because they think they know better but they don't :smoking:
  7. "Uh, yeah. That's not a half ounce man. Didn't you know I have scale-o-vision? Yeah, my eyes can fucking weigh objects, especially with nothing else in the picture to compare it to." :eek: :bongin:
  8. Looks nice.
    Heres some orange kush I picked up last night

  9. Didn't think I'd be getting bitched at for having an opinion
  10. Without a doubt a half guys:smoking:
  11. I don't need a scale for the work, I can eyeball purp.
  12. This thread is lame. Sorry op lol nice nugs
  13. nice nugs bout to pick me up some OG soon
  14. op's nugs look tastey
  15. Na bro. Looks more like tangerine kush

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