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Half ounce or concentrates

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nimaislost, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. So im getting paid on tuesday 200 dollars and my dilemma is to buy a fire half ounce for 200 or get a 50 dollar oil dome for my bong and 3 grams of earwax and 1 of oil. The thing is the concentrates will last me 2 weeks vs. the half will last me a week max.
  2. Sounds like you answered your own question
  3. But whats more fun then blazing half an ounce
  4. being high off your ass
  5. I'd go for the concentrates.
  6. Why don't you get the dome, some oil, and some (like, a quarter or maybe an eighth) bud? Smoke some green outta your bong then take a few oil rips or something!

    That's probably what I'd do.
  7. I would love to do that but the dispensary with the bomb buds doesn't have wax, and the dispensary with the bomb wax doesn't have good buds, but the budtender said he could hook it up with a free gram of hash with a half ounce. Getting a bunch of wax would be smarter money wise, but I think I would rather just blaze a bunch with my friends before we all move off to college :smoke:
  8. Concentrates, then pick up however much you can of bud. id make the bud last by topping off bowls w oil.

  9. Ah. Well if you can get a free g of hash with the half, I'd just do that and top a few bowls with it. I've never smoked any concentrates though so I really don't know how potent they are, I've only smoked weed and hash but god DAMN it was awesome haha
  10. concentrates dude, why not..?

    herb gets a bit repetitive after a while
  11. concentrates all day every day!
  12. Meh. I say get the Half.. Im not a big fan of Concentrates... I like the Calm, Mellow high of smoking a bowl of some dank....

    I dont like being floored by Concentrates...

    The high gets me so high the i cant enjoy the high because im just like...


  13. Dude that picture made me laugh so fucking hard :smoke:

    Anyways, I would get the Half Oz, but that's just me ;)
  14. A quarter of fire only yielded me .8g so your definitely better off with 4g of concentrates. I like bud as much as the next guy but oils drop-kick you in the face.

    Btw, what oil dome? You talking about a Ti-pad?

    I suggest you esentiaal Eclipse vape for the oils. I got mine for $85 and I'll never use my Ti-pad again, you lose no smoke. It's epic.
  15. smoking some awesome oil out of a good dome
  16. #16 nimaislost, Aug 22, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    I actually already have the essential eclipse vape, it is sick but I just love to rip my bong
  17. You sir, are a boss.
  18. Alright, buy the dome, buy like an eigth of fire, and a gram or two of concentrates. —What I would do in this situation.

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