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Half Ounce of mids, or a Quarter of dank? SAME PRICE!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Twist3d, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Ok
    1/2 OZ of "Oaxaca" known in my country as mids... = $40
    1/4 OZ of White Widow = $40
    Im sure its not real White Widow, "Street Name" of course, but its almost DANK... Gets me stoned always...

    Im pretty sure this has been asked many times, but, idk dude, just help me plz :smoke:
  2. Is it the same guy selling the dank and the mid?
  3. Q of dank, dank > mids all day man
  4. man if you can get a quarter of white widow for $40, definently get it
  5. If your only play 40 for a quarter of White Widow chances are there is a reason it is only 40 dollars, Around here it is like 45 for an 8th. But you said it gets you stoned so it can't be that bad, since there the same price I would go with the Half OZ of Mids, But that is just me.
  6. Dank over mids anytime for me, but I just hate smoking mids.
  7. halfie sack kthx.
  8. Yes. Why?

    8th of White Widow and 1/4 of mids?... LOL
  9. Depends what you like. If you like blunts, get the mids. If you have a bong or vape, get the dank.
  10. get the mids. I have a feeling theres a reason that widow is only 40. Shits 60 an 8th here! But with the mids, cook with at least a quarter from that half. Make firecrackers, something! Vape the other quarter, or take rips from a bong
  11. Almost dank? Chances are its at least 2x better so I would go with dank.

    Mids are only good for people who never smoke or have no my opinion.
  12. waaaat?

    I think the exact opposite. I think mids are more for the everyday smoker who can't afford dank. I know MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNY people who smoke mids like everyday; they buy by the oz some of them. Shit, I vape/smoke mids everyday and my tolerance is high as well. If your gettin some really good mids, it works out great. Also, if you like to cook with herb, mids is the way to go.
  13. Always go quality over quantity and you will never regret it.
  14. In the end you just feel tired and burnt and really only feel a good high for like 30 minutes...Id rather at least get real high when I smoke and not have to smoke a shitload.
  15. And... 8th of White Widow and 1/4 of mids?... Is this a bad idea?
  16. Get both compadre. 3.5g of WW and 7g of mids is legit for $40. Thats less than $4 per gram for all that weed...You can have the mids for everyday seshes or with friends or whatever and you can have a personal cache for vaping or bowls. Listen to me dude, do this and you won't regret it.
  17. id take the half of mids for 40 and make like a good amount of hash, then buy the q or dank to throw in with it.


  18. I would look at them and see what one grown better.

    I have had some supposedly dank buds before that look great and everything, but they were flushed bad and ended up smoking bad too.

    And mids....while not always highest THC%, could burn better.

    Depends on the mids though..
  19. Not true. Definitely not with the stuff I get. You can get high for hours, and its not just no "tired" high. Also, I like baking so mids are ideal. Another thing is, I vape more than anything now-an-days. So I really get the max out of my mids, and stay high for long periods of time.

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