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Half O then break

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DKro1856, May 28, 2009.

  1. sup guys. so anyways i got a half o of some white widdow that I am going to smoke all day today! The sad part of it is after this i have to take an extended break for a while maybe like 3 months to a year its gonna really suck especially during the summer. But ya how should i smoke this shit im planning on rolling like a fuck load of blunts, load up all my spoons (5 of them), take a ton of bong rips, and just burn. Should i smoke with my friends tho or do it alone? where do you guys think i should smoke? for example woods, car, my room, back porch, ect. how should i do this shit? and wish me luck on this shit its gonna suck. peace gc.
  2. Do it with friends it will be much more fun and memorable.

    But why do you need to take such a long break? Probation or something?
  3. I am going to be training to be a pilot and they are going to be testing me randomly at the beggining of my training to see if I am a drug user. It sucks ass. But life>weed.
  4. Get a few friends over, roll some fat fuckin blunts or joints, pack up the bongs and spoons, and smoke that shit in the living room playing video games, watching movies or just chilling.

    That's how I'd do it anyway. :)
  5. get a couple blunts a bong and your spoons go out and sit your in your car and smoke the whole half in there... you will be soooo baked man
  6. Haha yeah that's not a bad idea either if you can't find any friends to toke with. Throw on some chill tunes in the CD player and smoke into oblivion.

    Just make sure the car isn't in plain view, haha. Park that shit in a garage if you can.
  7. fuck ya as of now im just tokin on this 3.6g blunt until my homies get off of work around 3 or so but ya both ideas sound chill as fuck. I might have to do both lol.
  8. hell ya im already really baked after this blunt but i gotta keep this going lol.

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