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Half o of white widow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Delirium, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. #1 Delirium, Aug 10, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 11, 2009
    Hey, im pikin up a half o of white widow in about an hour. Il post some pics when i get it im exited ive never tried white widow before. how is it?

    Here are pics:

    Weighs 2.1
    Weighs 2.3

    These where taken on my camera phone so the quality is Shit..
  2. i've never managed to toke on it... but my mate got an 8th and said it was mind blowing just like really awesome high if youre used to smokin the regs...

    if it is legit white widow definitely show some pics :D
  3. Depending on what you're used to smoking, it can blow your mind. Definitely great.

    I'd just close my eyes and put on some music and it was crazy.
  4. Horrible, hate it, just send it all to me.

  5. If black widows are bad then white widow is the exact oppisite:D
  6. Black widows arent bad.. they're venoms jus bad haha

    White Widows something im yet to encounter.. but if its anything like the other high level thc shit ive had itll blow your fucking socks off haha

    An im used to smoking some pretty good ganj jus check ma threads ;)

  7. I love white widow, the first real strain I smoked.
  8. Hey im gona post the pics in two seconds, i forgot about it but theres still a few buds here i can take a pic of.. It is fuckin decent shit. Im used to smoking highgrade shit but this stuff is somethin else. The high is really nice but it took a bit longer to fully kick in witch was weird but its still one of my favorite strains now. i wish i had bought more.
  9. damn dude you went through almost a half O of white widow in a day?
  10. Oh yea, word got out i had it and within 25 minutes i sold all of it.. but luckily i saved about 1/8th for myself
  11. that doesnt look like any white widow ive ever seen... kind of dark looking.
  12. x2, doesnt look that legit. then again they're horrible quality pics. but whatever, as long as it smokes good....fuck it:smoke:
  13. That doesn't look that good in pictures, but White Widow is sure some great bud.
  14. Yea, its alot.. whiter? in r/l it its an iphone camera in a dark basement
  15. pics dude, white widow is awesome. great high.
  16. It should be awesome man! Tell us how it goes!

    The picture resolution isn't too clear, so I can't really enough detail to give you a valid diagnosis, but it definitely should be good.
  17. thats not white widow LMAO kid your smoking some bullshit my g learn about marijuana dealers will tell you anything to get you to cop
  18. That is a bias comment good sir!

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