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Half O of Regs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by hoverboard08, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Im just wondering is it worth it to get regs I mean I have never gotten a Half O before of any kind and I usually just pick up what I can like a halffie and not really told what it is im smoking but Im guessing its all just been regs maybe. Sometimes a diffrent strain here and there. But me and my friend are gonna split the price of it 50 bucks. I just dont wanta bag full of brown grass and seeds and stems.
    If you have pictures of regs and another kind to compare that would be awsome
    thanks :]
  2. 50 bucks total? I'd probably get it just to see...
    Besides...it would probably get you high...so why not?
  3. 50 bucks is a pretty good deal. Regs are, as the name implies, regular or decent. The weed won't be littered with crystals but it should be moderately hairy and a decent shade of green. If it's brown and filled with sticks then it's schwag.
  4. I thought it went like this;

    Regs (brown mids)
    Mids (decent greenish mids)
    High Mids
    No name dank
    Exotics / Fire
  5. I've always heard and used mids and regs interchangeably
  6. You should be paying like 50-80 for an O of regs bro...take a look at the weed b4 you buy it...ALWAYS.
  7. #7 hoverboard08, Oct 14, 2008
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    so regs are always brown is what you are saying?! :eek:
    and im just paying 50 for only half of an O of regs and Im in the same location as you Milky lol
  8. regs=mids in my experience.
  9. People keep saying regs are mids, or regs is a little better than schwag. Well, it depends on where you're from. In Central Florida, Regs is schwag. It can range from brown to green but it always has sticks, stems and seeds. Good luck!
  10. 50 for a half of regs? Jesus.

    Regs here in KC is good pot, far better than shwag, but not as good as mids or as expensive. 20 a quarter, 25/30 a half, 50-65 an 0Z.
  11. In my experience, every time i've gone back to picking up some middies after having smoked dank for a good while, it's always very disapointing. The highs don't compare, the length of the highs, taste, smell, looks, etc. If it were me I would split a quarter of dank and get baked.
  12. well im from Detroit and i get some OK regos.

    for me a dime is 10 (1-1.5 grams and a lot of shake)

    quarter is 25-30 (depending on the harvest)

    half (50-60)

    OZ is about 90-100 (but they usually put full buds in it so its all good, just about no shake)
    a half for 50 sounds about right, check it out, you might as well try it. shit- ive blown a hundred on an ounce of dirt before, but it was a learning experience lol.
  13. Yeah regs usually means middies, and for 50 bucks a half that sounds about right.

    Buy it
  14. I just a quater of some high mids for 45
  15. i am also from Fl i get an eighth for 50 of good, and an ounce for 50 of regs if i dont get them free. not worth it, at all... at all! they taste nasty, there all clumpy but they will get u high if u each smoke about 2 grams maybe 1.5.

    i highly suggest u roll the regs in a blunt to kill the taste

  16. schwag
    high mids
    medical/super headies/strain
  17. a half o of regs is 30 dollars here, whole o is 60. zona is 40 half 80 whole.
    beasters (crip) - 50 and eight 100 a 4th

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