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Half O of mids or 2.3 of chron

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChanceF, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. So payday is tomorrow and i got alot of shit to buy this week so i cut myself down to 40 dollars for weed at the most this week, I get the half o of mids for 35 and that equals out to about 2.3 grams of chronic around here or MAYBE 3 grams of dro. So what would you rather get guys, I smoked a half ounce chron or a qp of mids every week and a half or so this summer and that just got way to expensive, I stopped smoking so many blunts and started using my bong again. So what would be a better buy?
  2. QP of mids every week? Wow lol

    I'd get the dank if you're smoking by yourself and the mids if you're going to be generous and smoke a bunch with friends if I were you.
  3. If there good/ok mids i would make edibles or hash because you would get more thc with a half of mids then 2 grams of dank.
  4. Yeah i used to do nothing but sit around with a few of my boys and roll 4-6 gram blunts one after another all week long, i was either at work or getting blazed to all hell

    I usually tell myself im not going to smoke people out but I always end up hanging out with people and I want to smoke and im not gonna kill a few bowl in front of them without letting them get in on it
  5. I'd probably go dank, depends on your quality of "mids"
  6. Its pretty nice usually a couple banana nugs with like 5 seeds a bag it usually looks fluffy but is pretty dense It all depends on if my connect is getting it locally or not at the time.
  7. I would get the mids if you have to make it last a week.
  8. Thats what im leaning towards and ive started getting ALOT higher with alot less weed since i switched to my bong and bubblers/pipes
  9. Mids...I'd just rather have more weed...I know when i've been smoking a lot (like this past summer) I hate just stopping abruptly. It blows...@_@. The 2gs will go by like that and you'll be stuck without bud. =/
  10. I always end up getting more somehow someone will want some and theyll smoke the bag with me or let me pinch it for finding it for them But as long as i dont smoke blunts the half o lasts a good while on bong loads a bubbler bowls
  11. see where im at 40 gets u maybe 8 grams of mids. so i just automatically want to get a 40 dollar half. i say get tha half.
  12. no way 2.3 of chron equals 14 g's of mids.
    it would be an unwise move to buy the chronic
  13. go with the mids man. its gonna last a while. and u don't need to be baked out of ur mind allll the damn time, u feel ?
  14. Florida if you know the right connects you can easily get really nice regs or mids for 35 just depends on the dealer South is cheappp qps only run 180-220 depending on how swchag it is
  15. i use to smoke with friends i dont no more...all they do is mooch of me so to them i quit smokin now a quarter lasts me 5 days.
  16. idk about a quarter lasting 5 days but i got the mids seperated it into 7 2 gram bags and i stash all of them and just smoke 2 grams a day i fell through and got a gram of dro too for 15 so when i have a day without work or school i can just lay back and enjoy myself with some nice bud

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