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Half eighth of kush. =)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by smokeweed1, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. So my buddy sold me a half eighth of some very dank kush. It smells like it might be some orange kush. The pill bottle it is being sealed in smells delicious. Enjoy the pics!!!! :smoking::smoking::smoking:

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  2. How much did that cost? Looks okay.
  3. I LOVE kush! very nice man :D
  4. i had some afgan kush a while back it was pretty fuckin bomb
  5. Half eighth as in like 1.75g? Why not just 2g lol

    Looks nice though man

  6. 1/16 provides the practicality of being 1/2 of an 1/8, which would mean you can just cut the price in half from and eighth for the 1/16th which works good if you want a bag for the weekend
  7. I suppose this is true, I guess it only really works with dank though, because half of an 1/8 that goes for $25 would be $12.50, and I'm not tryin to give change haha
  8. round here half an eigth is a dub $20 dollars for 1.7 $25 absolute maximum if its just blow your mind good and your dealer sucks

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