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  1. Man is it me or did I just realise that in Halfbaked.. the part where thurgood goes to rehab and Bob Saget says, "Marijuna is not a drug! I used to suck dick for coke. Have You ever sucked dick for some Marijuna?... Now that's an addiction"... okay, is it me or is that a really high put statement? I mean in a movie, that's pretty cool to say, if you see it that way, that they are saying weed is not a drug, and that it's not addicting... i think too much.:confused:
  2. Weed isn't a drug. I know people who've been addicted to coke, crack, and pills (not the same person), and all three were WAY more desperate for drugs than any stoner I know. Stoners might get bummed and fiend for more, but coke and pill addicts HAVE to have it. Dunno how to describe it exactly because I've never been addicted to any drug, but even if just how they act externally you can tell there's a difference in the level of desire for those drugs compared to weed.
  3. that has inspired me to create a new thread: what is your favorite quote from half baked?
  4. Marijuana is technically a drug. a drug that can be used recreationally and responsibly.

    We associate the word drug with pharmacuticals too much. A drug is any substance which alters your conciousness.

    It is ALSO a plant. a beautiful plant which is mondo fun to smoke.
  5. weed is a drug man. just like caffine and alcohol

  6. This is true, but I think in the context of the movie it's ment to convey that it's not a "drug"-drug, if that makes sense. As in, it's not in the same class as "real" (aka 'hard') drugs.
  7. ...BUT! weed is not a drug as the media protrays!

  8. technically, anything that enters your body besides pure H2O is a drug.
  9. I think a pretty fine example of anything would be turkey. L-Trypt is an amino acid that causes the body to synthesize serotonin and makes you sleepy. Yay, go drugs.

    Perhaps they will outlaw eating turkey and driving...
  10. ya deff.... drugs like coke, meth, heroin etc.. ppl that have an addiction for them literally HAVE to have it or else they'll go nuts... weed smokers mite be like dam i wanna get high but culd care less whether they get any weed cuz we'll just fall asleep lol... but weed can be considered a drug as well.. and my dad who was a huge 70's stoner himself even says o its a drug blah blah... its a mind altering substance this and that...so i can see some gettin confused
  11. Cannabis is definately psychologically addictive, but imagine having that kind of addiction times ten plus cold sweats, lack of sleep, lack of compassion, etc. all because you can't stop thinking about getting more and more and more and all you can think about is how good life will be once you have more, how great you'll be once you have more and how wonderful everything you do and will be once you have your next sniff of coke or injection of heroin? That may give you an inkling of what true addiction is like.

    Marijuana is highly addictive, but it's still psychological and people can function on it and off it whether or not they have it, so by comparison, and I believe by comparison alone, is cannabis benign. This doesn't mean it's harmless, it simply means it's harmless by comparison.

    These experience reports convinced me never to do coke:



    Despite this, I've drank coca mate before which I believe to be its natural form and is definately non-addictive, but enjoyable in the same way coffee or english tea is.
  12. dude.

    read the sig.

  13. i knew somebody had it in their sig.

    well as for the strong feelings about thurgood goin' to rehab...whatever, he wanted to quit but liked reefer too much, if i wanted to quit, i'll tell you the truth, i couldn't i like herb too much, but there could be a reason i have to, and won't be able to, i won't go to rehab no sir, but guy thought he should go to rehab whatever. i just went in circles didn't i...:smoking:
  14. haha i'm ripped and that made me laugh out loud haha

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