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Half and Half rillo??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TAZZAK, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. :Drillos:smoking: I like watermellon rillos, twistin up about this much dankitty dank, and whenever I have more then one strain around... doing half an half.! If you have strong enough tasting buds, its actually noticable... this was akxkush and fruity tooty! its a pic off my phone from a few months back. theres a bud i took a picture of right before i rolled this little guy up too.

    and the last picture is my ash tray. I made this in 4th grade for an art project:hello: and it wasnt made as an ash tray then at all.. it was just supposed to be an animal where the body was a bowl...

    Now all the little spikes on my draggon are perfect for holdin my rillos... and the head keeps up with the roaches. who wudda thunk it...back then i was saying i would never smoke.... D.A.R.E.'s fault.

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  2. nice, i like the ash tray ;]

    fuckin DARE...
  3. sweet. Dare really does't do much.
  4. Ash catcher is sick bro.

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