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half 8th of shrooms

Discussion in 'General' started by Androo, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. they werent too good of shrooms but i got an 8th for 30 and me and a friend split it, i think i got ripped off cuz i only had 1 cap and a 2 fat ass stems but whatever it did the trick alright, i dont feel like typing out my trip but no real hallucinations i just saw a lot of different colors and some other fucked up shit, i loved driving around on shrooms its great. going through a drive through is the most hilarious shit in the world i could bearly keep my cool and not laugh my ass off to the guy i gave my money too. i ended the night smoking some chronic and then went to sleep

    I think ill take a full 8th next time and do you think i got ripped off cuz i only had 1 cap and there were some fat stems in there?
  2. I wouldn't say you were ripped off, because shroom potency is a gamble. I've tripped like crazy on 2 grams, but i've also had a weak trip on 3.5 grams.

    If you want to make it last longer, smoke some weed during the peak. I've peaked for 4+ hours doing that. It turned a bit scary at the end, since I sort of forgot I was on shrooms (but still tripping balls). It's a powerful combo. but fun :)

    I'd say ask the one selling them to you about the reccomended dosage. I could see it turning hellish if you took 3.5 when 2 was good enough. but now i'm rambling.
  3. haha i felt comfortable on half 8th so ill step it up a notch next time i feel i can handle it, but next time wont be for some time i think cuz this is the first time in a long time shrooms are here and i bet the guy that had them already sold out of them, all my friends have been getting them. last night was a big night for shrooms in my city everyone was doing them
  4. I usually eat at least a 1/8 every time now. With shrooms its like the more you eat the better the trip. When I first started doing shrooms I always ate like 1 or 2 grams. Then I tried a 1/8th and it was so much better. Then I tried a 1/4 and it was pretty insane. Best trip ever. I dunno about the cap/stem thing. Whenever I get shrooms I eat a bit of both so I cant tell you which one is more potent. Its all good I say, the more the better.
  5. driving on shrooms isn't really a good idea... maybe you can do it, but when I trip I wouldn't trust myself on a tricycle.
  6. yea but i can handle it, its cool, next time i want to do shrooms is this weekend and ill take an 8th. i hope its fucking fun
  7. That's like the complete opposite of me, when I'm on shrooms being in a car is scary as hell, same with buildings sometimes. I usually go with an 8th, but I've tripped pretty hard on 1.5g, it really does vary.
  8. i hate being inside when im tripping, cars are ok but like being in someones room i just cant stand it. On topic, the first time i tripped i ate almost all stems and it was a half an 1/8

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