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  1. I've got a couple irons laying around, but just pen pos ones that have solder on themm.
    I want to grab a hakko, but which one?
    I'd like to get it off a site, I've got some cash laying around in my paypal, anyone know a site that sells it, takes paypal, and ships to Canada? :D.
  2. PS, I created this thread because I see people constantly refering to the Hakko Soldering Iron, I personally know nothing about it other then that it's an iron, no idea which model, how to use it (i've soldered stuff before, I guess you just hover it over your bud?), where to get it, etc.
  3. anyone..?
  4. I use a hakko 455. Most people use a 456. They are almost identical. The 456 is a little longer and uses a about 20 more watts. You plug it into the socket, wait till it starts glowing, then touch it to the weed and start sucking. Sometimes you can hold it above the weed and vape but its hard. Vaping with it works best with keif or oil. I bought mine in store from frys. They sell them on their website. I dont know about the paypal and shipping.

    When you get the iron it comes with a metal tip over it. You unscrew the metal tip and it exposes a ceramic heating element. You use the ceramic part to burn the weed. Search hakko on this site. I forgot which user it is but one of us has a few vids of his hakko in action with an oversized blue dot bong.
  5. I got the 456, cost is 39.99$ plus tax and worth every penny. I got it a while ago and its still going strong. Shasta pretty much covered it. Heres some pix of mine though for reference and a milkshot using it.

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