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  1. why is it hat there is soooo much haiting and trash talking about god and jesus? no one ever makes fun or talks down about other religions key figures ie buddah, allah... why all this resentment of jesus above all else?
  2. Because most of us hail from countries where the vast majority of spiritualism and mysticism is invested in Christianity -- it is what is familiar to those critical of theology.
  3. malicious attacks are inevitable for people who are constantly in the spotlight.
  4. Disproving something does not constitute a malicious attack, nor does denying it's existence or importance by means of scientific evidence and various methods of proof.
  5. Yeah a malicious attack would be like calling jesus a poo-head (which no one has done yet on GC to my knowledge). Most threads on S&P just try to bring into the open that maybe the bible and what people have said about that carpenter that lived 2000 years ago are not the perfect models of good historical accounts.

    I have no problem with jesus the man, but I get upset when people tell me that either

    A. Jesus is/was god
    B. that I will suffer if I do not accept him and pay weekly dues to an organisation.

    His beliefs and ideas seemed reasonable, but theres no way in hell I'll join an organized religion, they're ALL corrupted in some way or another.
  6. hey, i am by no means implying that anyone on these boards has ever maliciously attacked Jesus.

    i was going for something more broad. for example, all of the famous people today (celebrities, political figures, etc) are all easy targets for criticism of any kind. thats really all i was saying.
  7. yea, I dont agree with christianity or most organized religions, but from what I've read in the bible & whatnot, Jesus seemed real chill & a real good guy, just a lof of his "followers" nowdays are assholes
  8. I think people attack Jesus the icon, not Jesus the man.

    Jesus (the icon) gets attacked because he is the beacon of Christianity, and some people have a problem with Christians....not Christ himself.

    Jesus doesnt bother me, after all, why would he? I didnt know the guy personally and I dont really buy into what people had to say about him because history becomes so distorted over time.

    Like I said before, Jesus may or may not have existed....but the guy was only human. Assuming he did exist at one time, I think Jesus would shit himself if he could see what his early "teachings" have turned into today. He would probably regret ever opening his mouth in the first place.

    I dont know how or why christianity started, but I dont think it has turned out the way it was intended to be.....

    ....but thats just me.
  9. i saw buddah...

    ... i spat in his eye.

  10. Was he complaining that your karma ran over his dogma?
  11. Great post Ch3velle! :D Damn rep limiter...
  12. Because logical people get frustrated with the the ones who go on claiming this guy died and came back to life, despite the fact that their evidence is....non-existent (just like the figure they worship).

  13. Ohhh its on like red dawn! :p
  14. Jesus was a fucking Genius, he did an even greater number than Alexander the Great. :smoke:

    He simply said, i am God, if you dont believe, youll spend eternaty in toruture . Well done Jesus! you hit the ultimate hook line for these mortals.

    Now the entire planet is worshiping him, at least he contrubuted to our human evolution!:cool:
  15. i find it quite interesting that when a non believer thinks of Jesus, they think of death, damnation, and eternal destruction.

    when most believers think of Jesus, they are filled with thoughts of love, kindness, brotherlyhood and forgiveness.

    why is this?
  16. I think Jesus was kind of a wuss.

    I mean it would have made a much better Mel Gibson movie is Jesus had used his holy powers to battle the Romans.

    I mean it could have been AWESOME. Godly Ninja vs. an Imperial Roman Army. One man on a track for revenge.

    Think of the marketing possibilities!


    EDIT: they could even take a page from Spiderman 3, where Judas and Jesus have a dramatic confrontation, but they Judas comes out of nowhere, killing a bunch of Roman Legionairres to save jesus at the last minute.

    Then Judas would say: "Looks like I'm right on time, Jesus"

    Then Jesus would say "A couple minutes ago would have been nice"

    then they continue to kick ass!
  17. I think we should deify RM. He exists, he's real, he's tangible and he kicks ass.
  18. I hate to admit it, but I'm not real. I'm just a manifestation of your severe psychotropic hallucinations and skizophrenia.

    Kind of like Tyler Durden in Fight Club.
  19. rofl
    that would have sold way more copies than the bible ever did

  20. qft..

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