'Hairs'! mold, mites? Neither.

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  1. Heading towards harvest now. While looking through the loupe I noticed white, weblike hairs randomly laid in various parts of the plant. I shit myself and scoured the forums and learned and mites and fungus/mold.
    BUT....these hairs are so random and few, it didn't make sense.
    Enter a proper scientific microscope.

    In my case it was neither. But I've not seen mine mentioned.

    Under the microscope these strands were identical to the fibres from the external filter on my carbon scrubber. I did some tests to see what dissolved the hairs. And the results were again identical to the filter fibres.

    So I set up a spare filter, a black sheet and a fan and left them for a day. Bingo. At the end of the day, a large number of filter fibres were attached to the sheet, identical to what was on my plants. Changes in humidity and temp cause the fibres to move and loosen. The fan teases them out and they get airborne.

    So, to noobs like myself, if you get random, spider web like hairs on your plants?
    (This is important) IN ADDITION TO CHECKING FOR MOLD OR MITES....it's worth checking loose fibres on your filter AS WELL.

    Another element worth ruling out.
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