Hair (Signs)

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  1. and the barber says
    the long haired freaky people
    need not wait
    so I put on a wig over my bald head
    and went in to ask him why
    he said you look like you need a shave and hair cut
    I think you do
    so I took off my wig and said admagin that
    huh you cutting my hair.

    hair hair everywhere there hair
    plugging up the drains
    breaking the pipes
    red blond black brunet
    can't you comb your hair

    and the sign says
    anyone with messy hair
    will be shot on sight
    so I jumped on my soap box
    and yelled at the crowd
    what gives you the right
    to judge other peoples looks
    while not caring about yours
    if god were here he'd tell it to your face
    man you need a hair cut


    hey now mister can't you read
    you got to have a certain comb to your seat
    no you can't cut
    no you can't comb
    you aint supposed to cut here

    and the sign says you got to have a hairbrush to get inside

    and the sign says everybody welcome
    come in and get a hair cut for free
    and they passed around a mirror at the end of it all
    and I didn't eyes to see
    so I got me a comb and scissors
    and I made up my own fucking due
    and it looked like a bird ripped through it all
    but I'm alive and doing fine.


  2. doooood!!!! this mother fucker rocks!!!!!!!!
  3. you're the man Deadhead! reading posts like this put a smile on my face :)

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