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Hair follicle Test Question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Dan_Brown, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. I've been researching and it seems to go back-and-forth that armpit hair can have longer detection periods. I smoked 88 days ago and just got hair follicle testing and hair was taken from both armpits. What are my honest chances????
  2. If you gotta ask you already failed, get you doctor to retroactively prescribe you weed
  3. Just passed found out today not for weed but amphetamine. Soak in vinegar 30 minutes, leave vinegar in and apply acne medicine with at least 2 percent salicylic acid, leave in 30 additional minutes, don't rinse apply tide detergent leave in another 30 minutes, tide has a pH of 13 which opens up hair cuticle for acid to penetrate and dissolve metabolites. Did this four times over 4 days also bleached and redied twice, hope this helps it is bearable.
  4. So I did the Mac method 8 times and. Leached and redyed my hair 4 times. Last time I smoked weed was 140 days ago, used to smoke heavily. I did a little bit of Bl$w 94 days ago.. shaved my head bald 10 days after. Took 2 xanax 45 days ago... had to take a Hair follicle test and it's taking more than 3 days to get the results. I also bought aloe rid, old formula and used after bleaching and Mac method... I feel like I'm not going to Pass. HR says results come back normally in 48 hours..... I'm freaking out right now. I want this job. I have light brown thin hair, 35 year old male.
  5. know I was freaking out when they cut my locks off to test! This only applies to very light smokers but I know there are some out there! Sorry to everyone else but I'm female with curly hair down my back, average weight and 5'3". 70 days clean and smoked 4 times pretty good stuff within about 2 weeks, did absolutely nothing to my hair hadn't even washed it that day and I passed! If you're light and don't use other drugs don't stress yourself out! Oh and also I smoke a lot of cigs don't know if that affected it

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